Thursday, October 27, 2011

Cotton Candy/Fairy Floss Oreo Truffles!

Americans call it Cotton Candy or Candy Floss. Us Aussies, we call it Fairy Floss, either way its the same thing and it tastes so yummy! I found a way to add it to a truffle or cake pop. So how does one get cotton candy oreo truffles? Well much the same as you make Oreo truffles and then add some candy floss just before serving.  I made these for a baby shower last weekend. Naturally, my friend was having a baby girl so the chocolate was pink and same as the choice of candy floss.  Here is what I did.

Oreo Truffles
2 packets of oreos (or cookie/biscuit of choice)
125g cream cheese ( I used Kraft Phillidelphia)
375g white melting chocolate - best not to use compound
2 drops of food colouring
generic candy or fairy floss

1. Using a blender or food processor, process the Oreos. Don't let them go too fine. A few small lumps is ok.
2. Add softened cream cheese and process again until mixture combines.
3. Put mixture in fridge for around 15-20mins.
4. Roll mixture in balls, no too big and not too small.
5. Place in Freezer for around 15 mins.
6. Melt chocolate however you like to. I did mine in microwave on high for 1 min then in 30 second intervals until its melted.
7. 2 drops of food colouring very quickly and mix well.
8. Using spoons, coat the oreo balls in chocolate and set on tray lined with baking paper. Repeat with all Oreo balls.
9. If serving truffles straight take small amounts of floss and add while chocolate is soft. Otherwise just before serving add a small amount of melted chocolate to each truffle and put the floss on top.

NB: Floss will disintergrate withing 30mins of sitting on the truffle. What you will get is a mount of sugar crystals, which still looks great, but if you want it to look good all night, the generic floss is not for you. Persian floss maybe a better option, but I have not tried this yet, but I hope to in the future. Persian Floss has a nice shimmer to it, and its a bit easier to use for presentation. I will definately post when I use it:)

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Lisa Jay said...

Wow these look amazingly good!!

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