Friday, December 16, 2011

I know I need a break when......

I have been awake longer than I have been asleep!
When I make my kids Nutella sandwiches for dinner!
When I spend close to $100 each time I go to the supermarket and then don't remember why I bought any of it.
Or the last time I went, spent almost $100 again, get home and realise the only thing I was ment to get, I forgot!
When I realise my kids ate all the ice-creams that I only bought the day before and think, oh well!
When putting my son's pull-up on and he does a little drizzle on my hand and I think, its only wee!
When the last tantrum in the shops occured, I felt like walking away.......and not coming back, even when my son starts running after me! ( I did stop for him, I'm not 'there' yet!!!)
When I am so tired, and should be in bed, but stay up to make food for tomorrow's picnic....and write this post....
I know I need a break most, when I think I am a bad mother....and all I need is a break to know/remember how good I actually am:)

Only 2 more sleeps until my break...I am very much looking forward to it:) Well, that is, if I actually make myself sleep!!!!

When do you know you need a break?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

When I start yelling over little things like the fridge door being left open!

Really liked this post - it's good to remember we need a break sometimes!

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