Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I'm so over McDonalds! I ain't Lovin it Anymore!

So when was it that McDonalds become more expensive than most take away restuarants? I was tempted to write fast food, but they aren't fast food anymore really are they. We went to McDonalds as a family on Monday night and we purchased the following:

2 x double cheeseburger small meals
2 x 3 nugget happy meals
1 x Quarter Pounder small meal
1x McChicken small meal

All of this to feed our family cost us $36.10. I was a little shocked! I didn't expect it to cost our family this much and we all had small sized meals. In the past, we have chosen the family meal dinner boxes that start at $19.95, which I am now realising is a really good price. That being said, it doesn't feed our whole family and we do need to purchase more drinks and at least an extra burger. Still its better than the above price. The dinner boxes were not on the menu where we were, are they still on the menu at all? If I considered purchasing a healthier meal alternative from their menu, I would guess that our bill would have gone beyond the $40 mark. If we also ordered medium sized meal deals, again we could even be looking at close to or beyond $50.

In comparison about 2 weeks ago I purchased some Thai food from the down the road and even with a delivery fee it only cost us about $42.  We ordered:

Pad Se Ew chicken
Chicken Green Curry
Peanut chicken
and a Lamb dish I can't remember what it was!

I did make my own rice, but who doesn't when you order from home? Basically the food was sufficient for our family and we even had left overs. So for a little bit more, you get quality food, with left overs, and personally, it tastes much better, and some dishes arguably a better choice in terms of health. We have also eaten at Mad Mex for around $50, which includes refillable drinks. Why then do I bother with McDonalds at all?

Since McDonalds began their healthier eating campaign, their burger and portion sizes have got smaller, but their prices have gone up. Why should I pay more for pretty much the same burger but much smaller in size? I also think the taste of the burgers have changed and I think they aren't as tastey as they used to be. Healthier burgers doesn't mean, take the taste away.

When we do eat out, I am preferring more and more to eat at other places where the costs are the same or might be slightly more, but the taste buds and family are more satisfied. The only draw card that I can find at this stage that will get me going back to McDonalds in future is the drive through and the playland. Even then, you won't find me there much.

McDonalds...I ain't Lovin it anymore!!

Anyone else have 'issues' with McDonalds and want to vent??


N.A.D.I.A said...

YES!! I don't like the taste of it - they all basically taste the same and like all take away food chains you can never be guaranteed the same quality - sometimes I could use a little more sauce, and sometimes they've been heavy on the sauce when I've asked for a little more. Ok I can't be too picky when there are several 15 yr olds making my burgers but hey, I'm paying for my meal!

Even before their plug on healthier foods I had started to turn off the tomato ketchup soaked burgers and the skinny french fries that mostly taste like cardboard and always seem to be cold - I had already turned off their food! Give me a home made burger any day!

I don't see why my kids love it so much either.

Mind you I am starting to turn off all fast food joints....perhaps I've gotten a little too picky or my tastes have gotten more 'needy' in my older age haha

Anne @ Domesblissity said...

Oh, you bet Foodmuster! You beat me to it. I've been wanting to write a post for ages. I absolutely despise the place. Gone are the days when it used to be 'fast' and 'tasty'. I feel like throwing the money down the loo before I hand it over to them. Sure, the only thing going for them at the moment for me is convenience and the playground equipment. I was recently on holidays and rain most days and I was so grateful for the playground. I don't mind parting with 40 cents (or is it 50 cents now?) for an ice cream but anything else, no thanks! The service is deplorable, the customer service staff don't listen, they can't make a decent burger and the place is filthy dirty (or the ones we go to are). I ordered one of those ice coffee frappes when I was on holidays (the ones they claim to have made in a minute) and the girl told me it would take a while to make. Give me Hungry Jacks anytime for the taste but the service is just as bad there too. Now just to wean my kids off the stuff! LOL

Anne x

Melting Moments Blog said...

We save the Golden Arches for road trips. It always seems appealing (usually coz we're starving hungry) but there's always a sense of regret afterwards.
I love a good Thai or Indian take away. Much tastier and better value.

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