Saturday, January 7, 2012

Power of Moms Retreat in Australia

I know a lot of mums who are bloggers who attend conferences to help them better their blogs and their networking possibilities to increase their readership. I think this is great. I think its a great opportunity to help the hard working mum get out, socialise and better something that means a lot to her. I also love to attend craft expos and food shows to learn more about what I love to do and be inspired by others around me new products available on the market. There are so many good conferences and shows available to us to encourage us to enjoy what we love to do in our spare time.

A few months back a friend and I were talking about mum expriences and I was telling her about experiences of other mums that I have read about on the blogs. She started telling me about " Power of Moms" and I found it rather intriging firstly, that I had never heard of this site before, and secondly because it sounded like something I should look more into.  I joined and was pleasantly surprised about the content was purely about being a mum. Not about cooking suggestions, not about what to wear to make me feel better about myself, not about home decoration and definately not about suggesting certain products to try in the home.  It teaches you about how to be a good mum and how to put alot of the suggestions into action. I since discovering this site I found out that the successful retreats that the founders, Saren and April run all over America, were actually coming to Australia.

So, I want you to think about another type of conference, or retreat, if you will. A retreat where you attend with other mums, who also want to be there. A place where you can learn and share the goodness of being a mum, and also the parts that you either have no idea about, want to improve, or want to know that others also don't do it as good as you!! The retreat is also good for mums who aren't enjoying motherhood, but would really like to learn how to like it and perhaps even love it.

These types of retreats are intimate gatherings of mums, who want to learn more about being better mums and about being happy with oneself. Its not about being 'perfect' as we all know there ain't no such thing! Its about making the best of what you have, bettering yourself as a mother and the relationships within your family. The retreats are run and presented by founders of Power of Moms, April and Saren.   I think for me the major draw card, is that you get to interact with the presenters. You can ask them questions and hear their responses, as apposed to be being in a large conference hall with hundreds of other mums listening to range of speakers. How much better is it when you are in a smaller setting listening to everything that is being presented! It also good to be mixed with other mums who can share their experiences and we can learn from each other.

Here are the topics to be covered over the two day retreat.


  • Taking care of the 'me' in mom.
  • Family Systems

  • Deliberate Mothering
  • In-depth small group discussions
  • 5 steps to less stress
  • Making Ideas into reality
 So please take a peek at the details for the Sydney Retreat, which is held in Glenhaven, NSW on 16-17th March. There is heaps more detailed information about the retreats and all about Power of Moms when you click the above link.

If you are in QLD, there is a retreat on the Gold Coast.

If don't live in either of these states, you are still more than welcome to join the one that is closest to you. There are hotel information on the site.

Hope to see you there:)

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