Saturday, January 7, 2012

Aussie Handmade Christmas

A couple of years back I decided that I really wanted to practise what I preach and start purchasing more handmade items for Christmas presents, what better time of year than to purchase something that has been handmade with love, attention, and care. Since then, if I have not made it myself, I will then as much as possible purchase handmade or hand designed items for my loved ones.

This year was no different and I want to share with you some items that I purchased from Aussie indie designers. As one of my favourite sites is Etsy, usually my purchases have been abroad. This time I wanted my purchases to be local and support the Aussies who work hard at their craft.

Firstly, I love the t-shirts by Oh Deer Me and I had to have this particular shirt for my niece. My brother is a dedicated Mini lover and has restored his own Minis over the years, so it seemed very fitting to have his daughter wear her own mini shirt!

This other shirt for my younger niece was just too cute to pass up! How cute is it? Thanks

I also wanted to get these sisters a cute picture to put up on their wall and that would remind them, that Aunty Courtney gave that to us. When I saw this cute elephant picture by Kathy Panton..... I knew it had to be theirs. My very clever dad, who does picture framing as a hobby, did the framing for me, yes I am lucky!!

So how is this for cuteness and all purchased locally!

Be sure to click on the links to see what these crafters can do!

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