Wednesday, January 11, 2012

3 Things I'm looking forward to in 2012

I came across Lisa's blog post about 3 things she was looking forward to in 2012. It got me to thinking about what I am looking forward to this year. I am really hoping this year will be an amzing year for me. I am hoping for a lot of good things to come to pass. Three things that I am looking forward to are:

Power of Moms retreat which will be held here in Sydney in March. Its going to be a good experience hearing these women and learning more about what I can be as a mum and strengthen my relationships with my children.

My daughter will be in year 6 this year, so I am looking forward to all the challenges and triumphs this will bring. I am excited for her as this was a memorable time for me and and exciting time. She will be looking forward to highschool this time next, that's crazy!!!

I am also looking forward to doing something for me once a week. I am not sure what this will be as yet, but I want to do something like a dance class, or yoga, or something fun and good for my health just once a week. I will have to keep you posted on what it is, but I have told myself it will happen!!

So there's at least 3 things I am looking forward to this year. I am sure there will be heaps of wonderful experiences in stall for me. I am a thinker, and I hope to be a doer as much as a thinker and act on the things that I know will work. I have wasted some good opportunities in the past because I have be insecure and let others tell me not to act upon things when I should have done. Does this make sense? Anyway, here's to an awesome 2012!!

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LisaW said...

Thanks for linking up! You have great things to look forward to this year. The conference sounds great. I think we can all learn more about being better parents...I learn something new every day. Cheers, Lis.

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