Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Understanding RSS FEED for Blogger

Ever since I started this blog I have hear people go on about RSS Feed. My software engineer husband told me many times to organise this but as I started to look into it and read about it, I got more and more confused. So I slipped this into the back of my mind to follow up at a later date. Well around 3 or so years later I have decided to pick the RSS Feed thought back up out of the dusty corner of my brain (yes, brain have corners!!) and make it work for me. I wondered if my stats would change if it did have RSS feed, like everyone has said it should. So here is my beginning of finding this out.

Now, I can't say, even for a second, that I worked this out myself.! I did what most of us do, I hopped onto youtube and discovered this clip, that started make sense to me.

But it still wasn't crystal clear. Google, my faithful knowledge friend, found an article by Aythl Green on hubpages. This article, made it all crystal clear and I highly recommend, if you are on Blogger to read this. You could be new to blogging, or you could be like me and wanted to finally work it out. Either way, its helpful! 

Even though now I know how it all works, I unfortunately somewhere along the way have used the wrong URL for my RSS feed and now it goes to the wrong place. If someone can help me workout where I have entered the wrong URL so I can fix it and put the correct URL so that it will actually benefit me, that would be totally awesome.  I'm getting there!!!

** Have worked it out now, phew! I should have done this ages ago!!!*** 12/12/12 ( I had to write that!!)

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