Sunday, December 2, 2012

Handmade Christmas Bauble Wreath - Very easy

So I did mention that I would make some decorations and I know sometimes I write with good intentions, particularly when its craft related,  but don't always follow up. This time is different. I am actually following up which is an achievement in its own right!!

As you all know, I love Pinterest, and this is where a lot of my inspiration has developed from. I have a Christmas Ideas board which you are all welcome to take a peek at and follow if you wish to.  There are heaps of fun things to cook and make and just drool over! There are some amazingly talented people in our world and I am so grateful that they are happy to share their talents with us.

So my first project was making a wreath for my front door, or as my son says, Wreef!  The pin that I had on my board was pinned by, Pearls- handcuffs- Happyhour, who discovered it via Eddie Ross. If you Pinterest, then you know how all that stuff works - pinning via another and another and another!!!  The wreath looks gorgeous and it is fairly straight forward to make, although I would suggest you have a friend/child/partner/spouse with you to help you with some of the wire twisting.

First of all I have to ask, how on earth do you make a good circle with your wire hanger? I have decided mine looks 'organic' as it circular, but by now means a circle....i'm no perfectionist or anything...haha...heehee. Lets move on shall we.

You will need:

 *  roughly 60-80 Baubles in colour of choice - I got mine at Coles.
(I used 60 as this was what I bought and realised later more was required, mine just looks a littler smaller)

*  1 wire coat hanger

*  Some ribbon or twine.

*  glue gun and pair of  pliers

For all step-by-step pictures go to here or here. 

This is what I did:

1. Shape the wire in the best circle you can do without cursing. A pair of heavy duty pliers come in handy with this. I did it free hand but you could perhaps use a basket ball to shape it...I thought of this just now..tad bit late but helpful to you!).

2. Eddie Ross and Team Caroll both glued the tops of their bauble on, but I found that mine were on quite securely. Only 2 baubles fell off when I finished, but if you would like the peace of mind and have the extra 10mins or so to glue them on, then go for it!

3. Then string the baubles onto the wire alternating colours and sizes as you go.

4. When all the baubles are on, with the help of another person, hold the ends of the hanger together and twist together with the pliers,use gentle hands when you do this.

5. You can wrap some ribbon over the wire to make it look pretty. As for me, I was a little frustrated by the time I had finished and just wanted the wreath up and looking good! I will add something soon, but I do tie some twine onto the hook I made with the hanger so that it would hang nicely on the hook I have on my door.

Here is my finished product and all for $8 which is the cost of the baubles. It could cost more if you wanted to add more than 60. Still a good project and looks great....well I think so anyway:)

 I will be posting more as my week progresses. I am very excited about a two story gingerbread house that hubby is creating. The kids will decorate, so I am taking pictures as the project progresses before the onslaught of child-style decorating!!!


Maxabella said...

It looks really festive and fun. x

Tenina said...

Really cute...

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