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Simple Mother's Day Crafts #2

There really is nothing better for Mother's day from my kiddies than a homemade gift. I always look forward to seeing what my kids have been working their little hearts out on at school, and even in secret at home.  I started writing craft ideas for mother's day last year and thought I should follow up with some more exciting activities that I have come across since then. Mother's Day is just around the corner and some of these crafts and be completed before then, so if you need some inspiration, you have come to the right place.

Back in Feburary, I wrote a post on last minute gift ideas for your Valentine. The best thing about Valentines, is that if you missed a good item to make and share then, you can always make it for Mother's Day.

 I made a love canvas for Valentines which was well received by my family. It was a present to all of them, so I am glad they liked it. It didn't cost much, and the best thing about this idea, you can spell out anything and paint it any colour you like. I have seen these on Pinterest in pure white with words like, Family, Home, Eternity.

If you have ever seen gorgeous porcelain craftware and wondered how it was done, I discovered a pin that shows you how to make your own air dry porcelain from household ingredients - well at least one item you might have to go out of your way to find at the health food shop or chemist (drug store).

For full details on what to do head to The Junk Wave. I love the porcelain jewellery plates that use crotchet doilies for impressions. Now you can do it too!!

Pictures are always a great idea, but if you want to do something a little different this year, you can always transfer your favourite picture to a canvas - yourself! It is much cheaper than purchasing from the store and I have discovered pins that show you how to transfer pictures to other items.

This blog shows you how to print on tissue paper then modge podge it to a canvas. Click on the link to see better results on her blog.

I also came across these two pins, from the Better Homes and Gardens USA site.

I also liked these sun catchers. They would be super fun to do with kids, for any occasion, but a mother's day gift would be perfect.
More information can be found here.
I love this next idea which I got from this blog, which is in Spanish I think. Regardless, the image speaks for itself and provides for many fun projects for many occasions.

 Would you ever think that buttons and a balloon could make an awesome mother's day gift that your mum can keep forever? I found this great idea from Bonkers about Buttons.  Blow up your balloon and glue the buttons around the base of the balloon. When dry, pop the balloon and you have yourself a super neat serving bowl or decorative piece. More detailed instructions can be found via the above link.

If you have already purchased or made something small and now want a creative way to wrap or contain your treasure the following ideas can be helpful.

Designing your own wrapping paper is always fun. You can use a picture your child has painted or drawn. Otherwise, using homemade stamps are a great way to make decorative paper.

This idea came from 52 Week Project.

The good old carved apple or potato is also a good idea for making your wrapping paper.

I also like this idea found on Dreamy Blog for cute gift box idea.

This next gift box project I discovered via pinterest. Lines Across is an amazing resource for DIY projects. The colours and the projects pop out at you, and you want to start ticking off all the things you want to try. To help you out a little, start with this cute pyramid gift box. Tackle the rest in your own time!!

If you want to give a gift card, or some mother's day coupons, or just a sweet letter. Then this is a good way to package it up in a memorable way, discovered on this blog.

PennyPincinmom, has offered a free printable if you want to use some coupons or make an ever so subtle suggestion to loved ones if they are stuck on ideas.

I hope you have found these suggestions useful. If you want to share some more ideas, or have a mothers/fathers Day pin board on Pinterest you would like to share with me or my readers, then leave a comment below.

A humongous HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all the amazing mums out there!

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