Friday, April 19, 2013

Abra- Ca- Dabra...Benji can do Magic!

Benji is my very clever and entertaining 4 year old and he is also my youngest. He watched a kids TV show about learning and performing magic and his little eyes beamed with new found interest and excitement. As soon as the show was over he found a deck of cards - I didn't even know we had them, and he began doing tricks. Prior to this new discovery, tricks for Benji meant doing roly polies. jumping over my legs or the rug, twisting and turning as he jumped, and doing some form of break dancing moves he had also seen on TV( who said TV is not good for our kids!!). So now, "tricks" means something new to him and to our family.   He came to me within about 15 minutes of the show ending, telling me he knew magic tricks and wanted me to see. The following clip is one of his tricks that I had to video because it's just so cute and I can't wait to play it back to him when he is older.

Before I end, a little while ago a wrote a post titled, " Benji Says". Its a compilation of funny things that Benji says, as he says many every day. Today was no different. We took a train ride today and on the way home to keep him sitting still I started telling secrets - well it was only one. He giggled when I finished and he excitedly asked if he could tell me a secret. I was so happy as I thought this activity to keep going for the rest of the train trip back - how cool am I? However, this is what he whispered to me, " I don't want to play your boring game!" Doh!

Have you heard anything funny lately from your own kids or kids around you?

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Elise Ellabban said...

Naw, I remember when my nephews got into magic tricks, kept them going for years. Makes for the best birthday and christmas presents

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