Monday, August 26, 2013

Candy Crush is crushing me!! I'm stuck on level 65

I just don't understand how a simple game can drive me almost insane. I did not purchase this game, but I want to play it at least once a day with the hopes of passing my current level of 65. It's really crushing my morale and I often wonder, why do I continue to play this game? I have the power, I can turn it off, I can erase it from my phone. Yet, I still feel each time the blasted chocolate overtakes my board and blocks me from crushing my candy, and as I hear the echo of Dr Claw (from Go Go Gadget - yes I am a child of 80's) in my head, " I'll get you next time chocolate, next time"! I continue to play with the feeble hopes of beating it. It's kind of sad when you think about it though, chocolate can get to you in both reality and in a game!!  The closest I have come is 2 bits of jelly and I almost lost it when I still lost with 10 moves to spare - how can that happen?

I posed the question on my Facebook page as to whether I should give in to temptation and try and beat this level by purchasing boosts so I can get on with my life (no not literally) but the overwhelming response was to man up and stick it out, DO NOT purchase anything as the level can be beat. Most of the comments where from people who were on levels over 100. So I  know that the majority of the world (yes I have that many friends) is not only past level 65 but they did it from their own shear determination and didn't succumb to the pressure or temptation and purchase anything to help them beat it. 

So where am I with it now? I am still on level 65, but I do have the determination to stick with it and get past this level. I think Sydney, no, I really think the whole of Australia or perhaps the world will hear my victory dance when I beat this level. Then unfortunately, I will most likely revisit it when I have to past the quests for the next level. So it will be short lived {sad face}. Sheesh, how do I allow this game to get to me? Before I go, if anyone could inform me on how the Facebook requests work. Since I have offloaded some of my frustration there, I've been inundated with these requests - how foolish of me to think people would be willing to help me out with no thought for a returned favour!!  On the other hand if I know what I am getting myself into perhaps I will consider the quid pro quo.  For now, for those who care, as I said before I shall soldier on and may level 65 eat my dust! I do really hope that I will not be following up this post in a months time with baby cries of defeat as I wonder if I will ever advance. Cross your fingers for me!

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John Peterson said...

You are not alone m also stuck on level 65.

Level 65 Candy Crush

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