Monday, February 3, 2014

Waste Not, Want Not: Garage Sale vs Ebay vs Gumtree

Now that I am working through my build up of 'stuff ' I am starting to consider what to do with it. Some of it unfortunately will need to be tossed, there is not much that can be done with it. Other items are in good condition and can be used again by someone else. Re-purposing items is really effective. If you can give it away, sell it, or reuse it for something else within the home that is the best way to go.

Pinterest and Google have an endless supply of DIY projects of re-purposing and recycling things you have around the home. You will be endlessly surprised as I always am at what people do with things around the house and a lot of the projects aren't too time consuming or difficult.  

The other option is to sell items that are in good condition or give away to charity. If you want to sell your items and make a little bit of money, what is the best thing to do, have a garage sale or sell on Ebay? In my personal experience and opinion I think both can be done. You also have the option of Gumtree which is very well known. However, there are some things to consider in your planning.

With eBay, I would sell clothes, and smaller items that can be posted. With bigger items, I would suggest you sell only the items which could fetch a better price through the eBay auction method. If you don't care what you get for your item, you just want it gone, then I would suggest you go with Gumtree, a garage sale, or Buy it Now or Best Offer on eBay or give it to a charity.  From my experience with Gumtree, most people are searching for a bargain. They are looking for something cheap which is much the same as a garage sale, although with a garage sale people are looking for dirt cheap prices!! On the other hand, with eBay you are competing with a range of buyers and many get caught up with the thrill of the auction and can spend more than they had planned. There are others who just want the item so bad, they are willing to pay just under what they would if they purchased at retail. That being said, I have seen some items go for beyond retail  even items that wouldn't be considered collector, vintage, or antique. If you have an item that you are not sure about the value, you can always research it on eBay and see what like items are going for or sold as a guide.
Selling larger (pick up only) items on Ebay requires some patience. You have to meet with the needs of your purchaser/winner. Be clear in your description that the item/s must be picked up within a certain time frame. Otherwise you could be arranging and re-arranging for weeks. The same kind of patience is needed with Gumtree. Using either basically means that the selling period can go on for some time. A garage sale on the other hand, happens within a day or two. What you can't sell at a garage sale can go on eBay or Gumtree if you wish to try and make some money. Or you can try on eBay first, then have a garage sale with anything that is left. If there is still items left, then you should really let it go and give it away to a charity.

At the end of the day, it really comes down to what you are willing to put into it. All of these options take up your time. You have to ask yourself, how much time do I have and is it worth my time to try different things?

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