Wednesday, March 5, 2014

How did I just get $120 worth of groceries for free??

Let me start by saying this is definitely not a sponsored post in any way shape or form. I have personally accumulated the points and vouchers required to get the above mentioned amount for "free". I'm not sure if I can purely say that I got these for 'free' because I had to shop and accumulate points at Coles and use my Flybuys card in order to get the rewards. That being said, if you shop here anyway, and use your FlyBuy card anyway, then I suppose its just a way of being rewarded. So, how did I do it?

Last week I shopped at Coles and spent over $140. Prior to this shop, I got a Flybuys e-mail offering me a $20 voucher if I spent over $140 which I had to activate by clicking on the link, which I did. So when I did my shopping I got the voucher at the end of my receipt. So that was the $20 worth. The $100 came from FB $ (FlyBuys dollars). You can redeem these via the FlyBuys website and it will cost you 2,000 pts for $10 worth of FB$. I had accumulated over 20,000 pts. Prior to this, I had no idea really what to do with my points but since discovering the FB$ system, I knew this was the best and most useful way to use the points. You can redeem up to $4999 worth of FB$ which really is the best way to use your FlyBuys points in my opinion. I swapped 20,00pts for $100 worth of FB$ and used my $20 voucher to get $120 worth of groceries. It was as simple as that. I also got another e-mail for another voucher this week. So after getting my $120 worth of groceries, I also got another voucher of $10 to take off my next shop of $10.05 or more. Not sure how Woolworths is going to compete with this set up, but I am impressed with this and look forward to accumulating more points so I can swap them for FB$ and if you get an e-mail offer from Flybuys in future, activate all the offers! You never know when it will come in handy!!!

I think this is as close as I am going to get to my Aussie version of Extreme Couponing!!!

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Elise @ mummyheartsmoney said...

Go you! I have noticed both Woolies and Coles upping the ante these last few weeks in their giveback vouchers. Has been terrific on the budget.

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