Friday, April 4, 2014


Currently on my shop website, I have a promotion for all new buyers. Shipping worldwide is FREE! Please use code, Happy123. Pass it on to friends and family. Below are some items you will find in more store. I also have bracelets, stickers, and hair clips. All items are handmade/designed by me or other talented artists. Click the banner below to be taken to my store.

As I have a daughter who is almost 13, I know first hand how hard life can be for girls. Not much changes for them, because even when they grow up life can continue to be hard. We are attacked in the school yards, on TV, in Magazines, and in social media. We are too fat, too skinny, too smart, not trying hard enough, behaving too much like men, having too many kids, not having enough kids, or not having any at all, we are too soft, and too hard or tough. It is coming from all directions too not just from the opposite sex, we can be mean to each other too.  The temp tattoos in my store are message tattoos. Designed with tweens and teens in mind, but really suitable for all ages. Wear your message tattoos with pride. Show your world how you feel.

Hope you like what I have to offer and don't forget to use the code for FREE shipping. Happy123

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