Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Dinner with the Family @ Nandos Family Restuarant Blacktown

Recently we went to to WestPoint Blacktown to watch a movie. Luckily for my family, I got the times mixed up and we were there an hour early, yay for mum brain on a Friday night!! We walked around the Piazza trying to workout want we felt like eating. We noticed the new Nando's Restaurant and decided we would give it ago. The decor and spaciousness was a big draw card just to get us in and decide if we really wanted to eat, but the biggest bonus of the night was bottomless drinks!! We love bottomless drinks and I must say there just isn't enough family orientated restaurants offering this. How many of you cringe at the cost of paying for drinks for your family? If you aren't paying $4-$4.50 for a single drink, you are paying around $12 for a jug of soft drink which will half fill a family of 6's very short glasses. We actually stopped paying for soft drinks in the end. The kids are well trained now, and know its going to be waters all around when we go out. When we told the boys they could have soft drinks I think they almost fainted in shock! Once they recovered we told them it was all-you-drink and they thought we must have had a car accident on the way and were actually in heaven! Jokes aside, this is a great service and really more restaurants should take on this philosophy, especially for families.

We ordered two Supremo burgers, and two Classico burgers. My eldest son chose mild sauce, but this was too hot for him and it was taken back to the kitchen. His new burger had only BBQ sauce and this was devoured with two thumbs up.

My youngest, who is 5 eats like he is 10. I didn't expect him to finish his Classico burger, but polished it off with easy, almost before my husband. Hubby enjoyed his Supremo with Hot sauce, and said it wasn't too spicy, I would still proceed with caution. He can handle the heat. I went for something different. I had the Chicken Paella, which basically translates to Chicken with sauce, onions, tomatoes, and capsicums on a bed of rice.

There is no attempt here to be officially correct. It was yummy none the less. To go with our delicious main means, we decided to order the "Very Large serving" of chips.

In Australian standards, this is correct. On worldly standards, or at least North American standards, the serving size would be laughed upon. Why do we limit our serving sizes to smallish, smaller, and really small? When the rest of the world use, ridiculously big, a littler smaller than that, and at least 10 people could feed on this serving as the smallest size! We could argue the whole health thing, but really, Australian servings are skimpish. Why are we such tight wads with our servings?? Still we ate them and enjoyed them. On a cold Autumn evening hot chicken salted chips were completely appropriate regardless the serving size.

All in all, we enjoyed ourselves. Two very enthusiastic thumbs up. The service was impeccable. There was no questions when we asked for another burger to replace my son's too spicy one. All waiters smiled and chatted with confidence. We sat in a circular booth with high backs which provided privacy and a bit of a sound barrier which is good for our noisy family. It was a positive experience, and we will be returning for sure.

We ordered:
2 Supremo burgers
2 Classico burgers
1 Chicken Paella
1 Very large serving of chips
2 Refill drinks (yes, we are tight wads! Why buy 5 when we can get by with 2? Think smart and you will act  and save smart!!)

Total : $64.50

PS, we love the decor too!

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Rebecca Senyard said...

I've always loved Nandos but found that it was quite pricey for a burger meal deal compared to other places. Sounds like you had a good dinner and the new decor looks cool! :)

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