Thursday, August 21, 2014

Great list of Interactive WhiteBoard Activities

As a teacher, I am always searching for educational activities that are fun for my students. I also predominately work as a casual, so having a pool of resources that I don't have to bring with me everywhere is always a bonus. The Interactive WhiteBoard or IWB, also known as the SMART board, is an amazing invention. I use it all the time both in special and mainstream education. This is a list I have compiled of sites I have discovered and used myself to determine their usefulness. There have been many that I have not included because they weren't user friendly, or their graphics weren't the best. I hope you can find something useful. Also you can enjoy many of these sites at home on your own computer.  Would love to hear your feedback on any of these links or if you know of something great to share, please do so in the comments.

Stop the Clock - time is written in words. You have to stop the clock to show the time written in words. Lots of fun!! years 2-6

Shot Clock - choose plus,minus,addition, multiplication, and division. Shoot the ball into the correct basketball - great for revision of math skills years 3-6

Interlocked 3D Puzzles - addictive!! This is a great game to challenge students. Could be used in between lessons or used on a rainy day. Years 3-6

Spin and Spell - spelling game of everyday items, actions, and animals. Years 2-6

Sheppard's Software Verbs in Space - A really good game that explores and assists with all sorts of grammar skills in an interactive way. Students have to think quick, but great for revision. Recommend from years 3-6

Super Why Games, Alpha Bricks - interactive way to revise letter recognition. K-1 and SSP

Word Finder - interactive find-a-word. years 3-6

The Blobz guide to Electric Circuits - great for science lesson years 5-6

I spy games online - interactive puzzles and bingo games. Years 2-6 and SSP

Math-Play soccer game - fun way to test dividing fractions - years 5-6.

Scale of the Universe 2 - absolutely amazing! Use the bottom scale to drag in and out to see comparison of length/height etc of things in our universe. years 4-6+
**allow some time for the program to load, and click START**

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