Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Bachelor Australia Episodes 7&8 and #BachieTreat

This week I only watched Episode 7 as the following day I was on a flight to Malaysia with my husband for a business trip and due to VPN Zone restrictions, I couldn't watch the recaps while I was away. I had to wait to catch up when I go back. That being said here is my recap.

Episode 7 

The Farm themed group date. Lots of alcohol is consumed, shock horror! Hardly any food is consumed, so not shock horror! Snez and Bachie pash. QLDGirl gets her knickers in a knot and gets all whiney which is not be confused tonight with winey,  because she doesn't click with Bachie. QLDGirl goes home.

Bachie Treat

Sea Salt Caramel Artisan Popcorn {must be said in a posh accent}

Episode 8
Snez and BachieWood go on a single date and the most important issue of the series is properly addressed. Snez is taken back with the fact that she has food she can actually devour on camera. It is clear she has been starved for days because it is all she can talk about. She totally loads that pizza with as much protein that will sustain her for the days ahead of her, she got the smarts! When that Star Wars Ship dessert comes out, I can see it in her eyes, because I too have that look, " Back of Sam, I own this dessert, don't touch it, its mine"! But because she is a gracious and classy lady, she allows him a bite or two for show. Though when he asks her to put the dessert down to offer her the rose, you can catch her shoving in the last mouthful, she ain't letting it go to waste, she has to eat every last scrap before she goes back to Mansion rations.  She accepts the rose and is safe but can't help thinking and  secretly hoping she can scoff another Star Wars dessert or anything for that matter before she heads back to the dreaded Mansion/Girl Prison.

Poor Rachel didn't get a rose tonight. I so wished my rumer would prove to be correct. I spread it all over twitter with all my awesome followers. I felt so strongly that Rachel and Bachie were meeting up for midnight pashes. Why else was she dragged tagged along for so many episodes with no single date or conversations - at least on camera? That was quite an unfair play by Sam. Tag her along, give a girl hope, then ignore her! Maybe he is a dirtystreetpie? ( since I didn't watch last year's season I have no idea what a dirtystreetpie is, but it sounds dirty and this is how I felt about Sam tonight)

Bachie Treat
On the night this episode was airing in Australia, I was devouring a large meal at TGIFridays near my hotel. I didn't take a photo.

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