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Episodes 5 & 6 Recap The Bachelor Australia and #BachieTreats

I have to resort to a combined recap this week. I am pretty sure I am not alone with the deduction that this weeks episodes were a bit on the pathetic side. Have we met that mid-season hump? Is this normal that we have boring as heck episodes? Being a Bachelor Greenie I don't know the answers to theses questions but Rosie Waterland feels the same way so I feel normal.  One thing is for sure these BachieGirls are eating on camera as often as I do housework.  Though we are seeing more shots of food, I think Channel 10 are worried the UN will be knocking on their door for challenging humanity on national television. As a public service I think it only right that each week we make and consume Bachie Treats to honour these desperately challenged woman and the sacrifice they have taken in not consuming food on camera - which supposed is the majority of the time.

This weeks Bachie Treats is care of Sergio's Cake Shop. A gorgeous cherry pie which was so delicious I ate a couple of slices. This isn't a sponsored post, I purchased a family pie and was delighted that only my husband and I enjoyed it!

The next Bachie Treat is Golden Gaytime ice-cream in chocolate. So not the traditional caramel which is my favourite. You will find this new release ice cream on sale at Woolies this week but you may not get to taste the caramel. Each Woolies I went to was sold out. I resorted to trying the chocolate but I wasn't disappointed. (not a sponsored post - unfortunately no free ice cream for me!)

Favourite Quote of the week

Sandragon - " I put in 110% when I am with Sam" (not verbatim)

EPISODE 5 - Loco Crazy!
It's getting clearer and clearer as the weeks go by that there is a social division in the house. There are the MeanGirls and the NiceGirls. I don't say mean, because they are always mean or nasty, but they do have a tendency to show their bitchier side at pleasure. Many women have this capacity and I think the MeanGirls just don't remember that the camera is rolling, which, I think, is the best way to capture a real personality. I know we get the rant that the producers cut and paste what they want us to see, but ladies, this is not 'bad lip reading'.  I'm sure they aren't cut and pasting verbal comments to suit.  MeanGirls say mean things about other girls that they usually are threatened in some capacity by. For example, Emily dislikes Hippie Heather, she has admitted it and as a result her not so nice side is openly on show. Emily, who at the beginning I really thought would be in the final three or even two has really opened up to be someone I didn't think she would be. She is an annoying, roll-of-the-eyes princess-type. To say that you won't approach a man is so Jane Austin. Wake up, you are living in 2015! While there is no argument that Emily is gorgeous, her pouting and her comments towards and about Hippie Heather and other aspects of the dates and their daily BachieGirl lives,  shows a bratty side to her, which I hope she is not always like as it's in no way endearing to the viewer.

In this episode, Nina gets her one on one date with BachieWood. She scores a pash to beat the world record for an on screen kiss. Lucky girl! Lucky for us, it went smoothly. No Madonna and Drake catastrophe. Not only does she score a pash, she also scores a rose. Though at this point I do have to ask, who the hell decorated the room where BachieWood gave Nina the rose? I can only guess a high school work experience student was given a list and they locked the producers out and went crazy. It was intensely over the top and I hope I never see it again. Tell that pesky work experience student they will have no place in decorating a rose giving room again, no place!

The group date was the highlight of the season so far. Zorb soccer, so much fun to watch. It was even more exciting to watch because Sandragon was let loose from BachieGirl Prison and I think we have all learnt that she was left there a little too long. Poor Sandragon, when I think of you this is what I picture: (if this doesn't make sense, check out Bad Lip Reading on Youtube, The Hunger Games clip)

Unfortunately for BachieWood, the winners of the Zorb Soccer game won a group date with him. I bet he was praying that Sandragon's team would lose. Unfortunately he must have lied about how many pushups he had done that day as his prayers were not answered. And as I said before, unfortunately for BachieWood, Sandragon's team won. Their group date was a Mexican themed party on a boat, on water, off shore. What is one of the worse things you could think of as a BachieGirl or BachieWood for this season? Being stuck on a boat you can't easily get off with Sandragon I think was high on everyone's list. Though I think it worked out for the better. BachieWood got the chance to solidify his concerns about his feelings for Sandragon, though I doubt he ever challenged them.

Rose Ceremony
The rose ceremony comes down to two BachieGirls. Sandragon, and another girl I have seen a couple of times but didn't know if she was a BachieGirl or a producer that didn't walk off camera when she should have. We all heave a sigh of relief when Sandragon is finally sent home. Blond girl, who we discover to be Rachel lives to fight another day and show us who she really is.

EPISODE 6 - Dang Boring
I so can't be bothered to tell you want happens on this episode. It was BORING, SO DANG BORING! Though one thing I HAVE to mention that annoyed me so badly was when they were changing the limo tire. Why did none of them question the state of the tire? A flat tire looks flat, it doesn't look brand new!

We finally do see some BachieGirls eat something, though it was no buffet and no feast by any means. They must have been so excited to have a sit down meal, it was such an unfair tease. I felt really sorry for them. The only food they have seen no doubt in days has to be weird bug food and animal parts. So I ate another bowlful of Golden Gaytime chocolate ice cream to honour them!

Rose Ceremony
The highlight - well not really but I am dramatising it a bit to make up for such an embarrassingly slow paced and dismal episode. The highlight was the fact there was no rose ceremony. After Jacinda realised her "Groundhog Day" date was 'set-up' she was uncontrollably upset. I think she is upset more so because she realises that BachieWood has #Friendzoned her. Though to keep face and use her feminist powers for good, she volunteers in true Hunger Games tribute fashion to leave the BachieGirl Prison. Osher, actually let me take this time to say that I am having a little trouble writing Osher. Osher is actually Andrew G, why is he called Osher now? When he changed his hair to delicious chocolate brown and embraced the wonderful world of super hold fast hair spray (no. 5) did he shed his name along with his blond unkept hair ? Again, Bachelor Greenie here and no doubt that is a common greenie question....right?
 I digress. So Osher delivers the bad news to the BachieGirls, and informs them because she volunteered as a tribute she can not see anyone and say goodbye (that's what you get for not playing the game).
No  rose is given out yadda, yadda, BachieWood is so sad he didn't get to humiliate another girl on camera and make another girl feel grateful to spend another week waiting to spend time with him, which he probably won't do since he hasn't spent anytime with Rachel so far. Oops, did I just type that out loud? Though, I do have to say I am very much liking Rachel. She is a quiet achiever. She isn't chucking tanties because she hasn't had a date and she doesn't go around saying she is so Jane Austin and the man must come to her, blah, blah, blah! She actually has a sense of humour which is endearing. Nina is the DarkHorse, maybe Rachel is the WhiteHorse??  I hope we get to know her more next week and I hope BachieWood keeps her on, we need the NiceGirls to over power the MeanGirls. Though I would still be ok with a Dalia and Tessa show down - maybe at next week's hoe down?? (that was as bad as the episode so only fitting!!)
PS. Its so sad I can't say #AnalGlands anymore!

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Deborah said...

Love it. I haven't watched any of the Bachelor series but think I much prefer the summaries anyway!

Thanks for sharing!

Bron Maxabella said...

Golden Gaytime comes in a TUB!?!?!?!?! OMG!!!!!!!

Becky from Becky and James said...

Why did I not know you could get a tub of Golden Gaytime?! I am off to woolies tomorrow now!
We've never been into the Bachelor but for some reason this season we are. So weird.

FoodMuster said...

Glad you guys picked up the most important message! Yes, Golden Gaytime is in a tub and it's amazing, so much better than The Bachelor, but I am stuck and can't get myself out of this rut!!

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