Monday, August 31, 2015

Twice cooked Tortellini in Garlic Butter Sauce

Wow! Such a long name for this dish, but really at the end of the day the pasta could really be anything of your choosing. I think it would work best with a filled pasta over a linguini or a spaghetti, but it could work well with almost any variety.

Basically, all I did was use stored purchased tortellini (large bag that serves 4) cooked in salted boiling water and drained. For the garlic butter I used 100g or so of butter and melted it down on medium high until it is sizzling and added 1/2 a spanish/red onion finely chopped and cooked it through and then added the minced garlic. As this is sizzling away and smelling divine I add the cooked pasta, at the same temp and allowed the pasta to brown on the edges a little. Just before serving I toss through some parsley - fresh is best but I only had dried on hand this time round. Season with some cracked black pepper. You could also squeeze in some lemon, add some chilli, or I added a dash of balsamic vinegar. So good!!

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