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The Bachelor Australia Season 3 Episode 14 Recap and no #BachieTreat

Episode 14

I am still in a bit of shock over last night's episode. I decided to sleep on my thoughts and think about how I should approach this recap. I was raised, like many other children, that if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it at all. That wisdom lasts until you get your period, or you're pregnant, or you give birth. Lucky for me its not that time of the month and I am not with child, so giving myself a day to ponder my approach really did the trick!

Hometown Visits

H-bomb Heather
We see Straya's hot favourite Heather bring Bachie to QLD. We don't get to see the best of Brisvegas, instead she takes him first to see a mountain while we watch them sip tea and watch pretty scones sit all lined up and pretty by themselves and untouched. Heather shares her family tale with him. This is a very serious point in the show and we love her more for it. Then she takes him down to the farm to meet Warrick. Warrick is a special man, he is not her father but he is a father figure in Heather's life. You can tell when you meet him that he is fully sick hard yakka, he won't beat around the bush (punny) and he will be challenging Bachie for all the right reasons. I like Warrick and he reminds me of..


It is clear to me that Warrick is not accepting Bachie into he circle of trust too quickly. He has to earn it and right he should. #welovewarrick

Next we are taken to Medusa's, aka Lana's hometown visit. What could be more worrisome than being caught up in a trance by Medusa? Meeting Medusa's mother perhaps?? I wish I could reach into the TV and slap some sense into Bachie! Though like I said in my last recap, since this disgenuine vibe I get from Llama....

 I just can't put a paper bag over the vibe and ignore it, can I?  I am pretty confident Llama leads a double lifestyle as a cat person. I don't have proof, its just the vibe. So I kinda suspected that we would be seeing something like this at her house...

But we did't {sad face}. Though Llama's mum is very intense and she cuts to the chase and whisks Bachie away to give him the royal interrogation, but not in the cellar!! Llama's mum is mostly concerned about Bachie making her precious daughter move away from her to horrible Melbourne. She basically wanted him to promise her that he would move to Sydney for Llama but he was brave and strong and wouldn't give in to her attempt to place another Medusa spell on him, powers must weaken with age.


Well, let me think for a minute....

Then I got this sudden urge to paint my finger nails, which I hardly ever do which is kind of weird. Do you know how fascinating it is to watch your nail polish dry? While that was happening I did hear Sarah say she was worried that Bachie thought she was not interested in having children. She wanted to reassure him it's in her life plan, but after she travels and starts her own business. Interesting she felt the need to mention this. The date had a bit of a Nina vibe.


Our second hot favourite lives in Perth and we finally get to meet her daughter, Eve. She is such a cute girl and you can tell that their mother and daughter bond is very strong and in years to come their relationship will be like this...

Maybe Bachie will be in the picture too who knows? I feel like I have this connection with Snez. Not only are we both totally hot and likeable people, but we both love food and we be like...

and we aren't afraid to talk about it. I must add that I want to be friends with Snez so I can be invited to her place for dinner. Her family know how to put on a real meal, and it wasn't even Christmas! It was almost like this...

 Then Snez's brother takes Bachie out for a chitty chat and to play the over protective brother role and be like...

He keeps emphasising to Bachie that he is not just getting engaged to Snez, but he will be a dad to Eve and he will be part of the 'family'. Which freaks Bachie out, because he never thought about it like that before. Now he has to think harder which means we will have more beach thinking scenes, yay {kind of}.

Rose Ceremony

Finally we get a break from all the seriousness of the hometown dates but hang on, there is no laughing and drinking at this cocktail party. Unfortunately the tab was blown last show and it's all serious again and the ladies have their own thinking time in their pretty frocks. Then we heave a sigh of relief as all is good in the world because...

Osher in da house! Whoop Whoop!! But he is all serious too and I am starting to think maybe I should be serious about something...oh look my other hand of nails has completely dried! Then Osher lays down the mathematical language which is super cryptic tonight and I am feeling like ...

Osher isn't just a pretty face with amazing hair, he can teach you important stuff too! Then something weird happens. It's almost like the universe cracks or something. Sarah gets a rose, Snez gets rose, and then we are down to Heather and Llama. Bachie takes a very long time to verbalise his choice. It's almost like the producers want us to think he could change his mind at the last minute if he wanted to....yar as if! Then it happens! Bachie gives the final rose to Llama and the whole of Australia be like....

Maybe it is that time of month after all. #teamheatherforever!!

PS. I didn't have a #BachieTreat tonight, I wasn't feeling so good. I think it was kind of a good idea that I didn't because there was a chance I would have chucked it up when Heather didn't get her rose!!

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