Monday, September 21, 2015

The Bachelor Australia Season 3 Recap Finale

Episode 15

A very belated recap of the final two seasons. Life has been unkind with sickness and crazy children. I was absent for the majority of this episode airing but my Twitter friends basically said not much happened. I really should have taken their word for it. However I still felt the need to watch it on TenPlay. Here is what I thought about this episode.

Sarah was sent home and I so wish her exit went a little like this...

Episode 16 - FINALE

Many are thinking that Llama, who I feel is a little disgenuine and I am positive has a herd of cats living in her cellar at home, is going to be proposed to. But in my heart of hearts, at the beginning of this episode, I am seriously hoping that he proposes to Snez. She is a classy and attractive woman who openly loves food, what more could a man want? My husband is happy with this!!

We watch Bachie have a thinkie think about his task ahead, when in all honesty I am hoping he will break out into a...

A dancey dance would be so much more entertaining than a thinky think all the time. But I do have to remember that BachieWood has a big task on his hands and we should give him the chance to....

Anyway, each girl is bought home to meet Bachie's family. I really felt as though Snez had a great connection with his dad but then Llama seemed to have a good connection with his sister. The battle was on, Snez made his dad cry versus Llama who made his sister cry.

Bachie takes each of his girls on separate dates (thank goodness, it wasn't a final group date, that would have been awks). He leaves all of us thinking it could be either lady as he pashes both intensely. But only one girl can win, unless he has thoughts of moving overseas and joining the FLDS (think Sister Wives).

Anyway, we are brought back to the Bachie Mansion where there is a tonne of candles burning away in every nook and cranny that a burning candle can be placed. What is with the flamin' (punny) candles in this show? Did a producer find a shipping container of candles on Ebay for .99c and thought they would be funny and bid and accidentally win? I am so over candles, they no longer have a romantic connection for me...

While I fume about this sad reality, I am settled when my favourite non-Bachie shows up...

Osher in da house! Whoop Whoop!! But them my glee turns into sadness, because there is no dirty rose ceremony math to share. What else does he do, if he doesn't talk rose ceremony math?? He says something, but without numbers, it is meaningless to me. When he finally leaves, no doubt to hit the math books in preparation for the next season, I realise that the car that rolls up will be the girl who doesn't get the rose. Please be crazy cat person, please be crazy cat person....and it is!! Yeeehaa!! I am so glad he has made the right choice!! But then I do have a moment of sadness for poor Llama, no doubt she did feel like that ring was meant to be hers.  Bachie's break up speech went a little like this I think...

No doubt Llama if she could have her time back she would have been a bit like...


It's ok Llama, as I am pretty sure you are a crazy cat person in your 'real' life you can go  home to the comfort of your cellar cats again and be like....

It's all good Llama, you will find a man who will embrace those cats and will let you choose your own ring!!!

Then all sounds fade as Snez arrives and we all know what is going to happen next. Bachie gets out his {let's face it people it was unattractive} #ZAMELS ring and is all like....

So now it's like:
Sam and Snez sitting in a tree
First comes love
Then comes marriage
Then comes a(nother) baby sitting in a carriage!!!

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