Thursday, December 17, 2015

Bacon Okonomiyaki Sushi - It's a Thing!

So I totally love Okonomiyaki with a bit of a passion. The combination of Japanese Kewpie mayonnaise and the Okonomi sauce is just a perfect marriage made in heaven. So I got to thinking. I love bacon, I love avocado I love these two sauces so how can I expand on this? I first made a salad and this was just perfection. But it got me to thinking, about sushi. This could totally work with I made it.

The best advice I can offer is to make the bacon just before assembly. I can't imagine this being as delicious if the bacon sat for a while and became chewier, but each to their own right? This is too easy to make.

cooked rice with sushi seasoning mixed through
nori seaweed sheets
cooked bacon - mine was from Costco the American style strip bacon
avocado skin removed and sliced
wild rocket
Kewpie Mayonaise*
Okonomi sauce*

*You should be able to get Kewpie mayo in Coles or Woolies in the asian food isle. As for Okonomi Sauce, if its not at either of these supermarkets your  local asian supermarket should stock it. Its is a Japanese product and its in a plastic bottle with orange lid and usually in a plastic bag.

Set up you nori sheet as you normally would. Add the sliced avocado, then the bacon, then wild rocket*,  followed by the mayo and sauce. There is no set rule, but this is how I did it.

*I strongly implore you use wild rocket or rocket. It has a lovely flavour and just adds so much more than plain lettuce.

This is super tasty on its own but if you're like me and like to mix your wasabi with your soy sauce, then I recommend you do this:)

Happy for you to pass this on, but please link back to me to show credit. This really needs to become #athing!

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