Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Currently Crushing on Fashion Finds World Edition #3

The following crushes are not sponsored. I share what takes my eye. I hope you find something new to crush on too.

I have crushed on these shoes by Noa Levy Aran, of Israel, who owns the Etsy store, ABRAMEY. Gorgeously designed and handmade, she also sells statements necklaces. Crushing on:

THE LEATHER STORE - has to be one of my all time favourites. Handmade leather hand bags by Becki Simms of Bristol England UK. I favourited this store on Etsy years ago and still love what she makes. I will keep my crushing list to a minimum, but i could easily list her whole store!! You will see why!! Crushing on:

MIMIIMADEIT has some very comfy looking styles. The owner, Arta of Rig Latvia, created this line of clothing after having two children and realising her body had changed. Currently crushing on:

I am very much taken by the deigns at A PIECE OF PIE by Sarah Murray of the South Coast, NSW Australia.. They are very unique and she creates clothing from up cycled materials, which when you are talking tea towels could be unsuccessful, but she manages to do it well. Currently crushing on:

On another note, if you need socks for the special guy or dude in your life, then KEMBE CLOTHING  could be the answer. Apparently there is a hashtag if you want to share your #sockswag! Why not?! Currently crushing on:

Jewellery is a very competitive craft to be part of. So many people can make jewellery, but it really comes down to what can you do well that no body else or very few people can do, which is easier said than done. That being said, I do have some favourites I would like to share with you. Well, I kind of have lots, but I will start small!!!

If you have some cash to spare, you might like this ring from PEBBLE AND POLISH of NYC, USA.

Loving the colour and texture of these earrings from ARTNSOULJEWELS, Minnesota USA. 

These cute wooden stud earrings made by JUNEDESIGNCO in Devonport Tasmania, Australia. 

The whimsical filigree designs of FEDERIKAS, are unmistakably fascinating and eye catching. 

I hope you have liked what I have put together this week. I will continue to share my Finds into 2016. If you would like your work to be share, contact me. 


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