Friday, September 22, 2017

Finds List for September 2017, better late than never!!

I have not blogged for an awfully long time. So much has happened in my life since my last post. I had a surprise pregnancy in 2016.  A beautiful blond hair, blue eyed, baby boy blessed our lives. It was a little scary in the beginning as I went into labour a week early and he was born under a GA (general anaesthetic), as I was taking Clexane to help with a DVT. I had to have a c-section, as all my boys were born that way for various reasons. My first born, my only daughter, was born naturally. He was born with Surfactant Deficiency and spent the first 2 weeks of his life in the Stage 3 NICU fighting for his life. Thankfully he pulled through, his delicate body finally created its own surfactant and within 6 days after that he was home with us. I am not sure if its possible to love a baby too much, but our baby Adam is the sunshine in our home and brings so much joy and happiness into our lives. He was a miracle baby from conception to birth. He turned 1 just last week and he is in the "stepping" stage of his development. He has no interest at this point in his young life to take those extra steps to consider him a walker. Personally, I am super content with that. I am yet to baby proof the house for the walking stage, so I am in no rush to "encourage" him walk. His brothers and sister on the other hand want him to walk so badly. I keep reminding them, that once he starts walking, he will be in their bedrooms pulling things out of cupboards and making a mess. But they just don't get it!!

While I have been away from my blogging, I have still been building up my Pinterest boards and 'favouriting' items on my Etsy, and Instagram accounts. So I will be back to sharing more of my Finds Lists. If you have something you would like me to add to my next list, send me an e-mail makingmotherhoodfun(at)gmail(dot)com. I love to share handmade and small Australian businesses but I am open to worldwide submissions too. Be sure to check out the Finds Directory to the right on the side bar.  I plan to Vlog my Finds Lists in the near future. If you are a small business and would be interested in this, please email me for further information, this is a free advertising opportunity.

Finds List September 2017

I am a little obsessed with Bohemian Traders' Summer Season. Check out the links and you will see why.

Navy Ofeliah Blouse  - Bohemian Traders

White Dandy Gypsy Top - Bohemian Traders

White Over-sized Deep V Tee - Bohemian Traders

Peak Front Maxi Dress in Black - Whitehaven Emporium

My most favourite shoes to date on Pinterest would have to be Cydwoq. I love this brand. I have never tried them on and when you see the price you might understand why. I am worried though, that when I finally get a chance to try them on, they may not fit my foot. Imagine that! I have a board on Pinterest dedicated only to shoes, appropriately titled, Just Shoes.

Boil Sandals - Cydwoq

Vapour - S - Cydwoq


Ambient Lighting Powder - Hour Glass - Mecca 

Shimmer Shot Illuminating Wand - Mecca Max

Life's Basics Konjac Sponge - Green Clay - Nourished Life


Boho Hippie Bracelet - Bead Stone Skin 

Watermelon Tourmaline Silver necklace - Erine Elizabeth

Sunny Skies - Earrings - Erine Elizabeth


Landscape N.5 - Hand Woven Wall Tapestry - JujuJust


Wise Elk Wooden Stacking Tower - The Creative Toy Shop

Grim's Wooden Gems Coloured - The Creative Toy Shop

Grim's Spirelli - The Creative Toy Shop

Butterfly Wings Costume - Special Celebration Events

Caramel Cross Over Leather Sandals - Little Leather Shop

Fun Stuff 

Vinyl Butterfly Sticker Waterproof - Trot Blossom 

Temporary Tattoos - MissyMinzy 

Zentangle Pineapple Sticker - CreativeeMinds

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