Wednesday, May 6, 2009


A very big thank you goes out to Nikki and Francine Mamouney for your generosity with the Coca Cola drinks. For those of you not there on Sunday a list of Coca Cola drinks was circulated and we were able to choose from that list for our own use. It will make a big difference to a lot of families including mine, so I can't thank you enough:) If you were not there on Sunday give Francine a call.

I got a leaflet in my letter box the other day from Farm Fresh Poultry which is located at 23 Withers Road Kellyville (not far for a lot of us really). They offer poultry and below retail prices. I called them today and got some prices for you all. I did ask if filled a large order would there be a discount, but they would not offer any further discounts at this time.

Regular chicken breasts $8.50/kg
Regular Chicken thigh fillets $7.99kg

Whole organic/free range chickens size 15 $9.50
Whole organic/free range chickens $9.75/kg

They are open Tues-Fri 10am-6pm and Sat 8am-2pm

This is a super great deal for chicken as you can spend up to $15/kg in the shops and I believe even at aldi its about $10-$11/kg. They have a lot more to their range, but the above items was all I asked about.

I called Campbells Cash and Carry in Northmead today and check out some prices for some of the items requested on the list I circulated two weeks or so ago. Here is what I have been able to find as a guide.

Cadbury Sienna Buttons(compound choc chips) 15kg bag $91.05
- this equates to approx $2.27 for the 375g bag in the supermarkets

Plain Flour Black and Gold 10kg bag $11.40
$1.14 per kg

Rice medium grain Sunrise 10kg $22.07

Another food wholesaler by the name of PFD will be contacting me soon for some prices to compare to what I have put above.

I have also contacted another company called Simotas Food which provides a wide range of Cadbury chocolate buttons.

Delight Cadbury Milk Chocolate(not compound) $115.90/15kg
This equates to $7.72/kg or $2.90/375g.

I was at Woolworths last night and the standard blocks are actually no longer 250g they range from 200-220g blocks and the prices are $3.99 which I find absolutely ridiculous. Buying in bulk is a much better idea. I will hopefully be gettinga more extensive price list today so I can bring that on Sunday. We will also get free delivery as well.

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Samantha said...

These chicken prices are great, thanks for sourcing them as I have been wanting to buy organic/free range but price has always been an issue and this is the same price as I am currently paying. excellant

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