Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I have a far better price for Egg powder than what I was quoted from Kingfood. The company, Talsar is located in Wetherill Park.
Egg powder is best for baking purposes.
Whole egg powder no sugar is $15/kg and is about 80 fresh eggs
min order is 15kg
Whole Egg powder Sugared - this is best for baking, has 200 Gms of Sugar/kg of powder and about 66 eggs per kilo of powder.
Cost is $12/kg and we need to buy a min of 15 kg.
I also enquired about egg white powder for things like pavalova and meringues.
We can purchase the egg white powder for $18/kg (34 eggs approx) and min order is 20kg
There is also a pavalova mix available which is also $18/kg we need to have a min order of of 20kg
30gms of pavalova mix will yield a pavalova of 8 serves ( recipe will be provided)
I worked this out to be about 55c of powder for a pav of 8 serves - that's pretty darn good!!!
Meringue mix comes in 1.5kg jars for $27
All products when stored correctly have a shelf life of approx 2 years.
If you live in Victoria the place I came across to contact for Egg Powder is

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