Sunday, August 2, 2009

This weeks bargains part one

I am starting with a part one, because I know I will come across more. First off, Lenard Poultry at Castle Towers is selling skin on chicken breasts for $5.99/kg. This is an absolute bargain. The skins are super easy to remove yourself so don't worry about that. The limit is 3 kg per customer, but its the best deal I have seen in a while.

24 pack Kleenex toilet tissue is 2 for $24 (save$9.96)
Campbells Chunky and Country Ladle is $2 each (save up to $1.11)
Betty Crocker cake mixtures are $4 each ( save up to $1.90)
Spam 340g $3.49 (save $1.21)
Greenseas tuna 95g 5 for $6 (save $2.95)
Gold'n Canola Oil 4L $12.98 (save $4.01)
300ml Dove shampoo and conditioner is 50% off at $2.99 each.
Norwest Woolworths has strawberries 2 for $3

Its good to remember that we need to get our food storage in order but when and where possible we should also have other household items in storage like toilet paper, toothpase and toothbrushes, shampoo and conditioner, laundry powder, bandaids, panadol etc.

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