Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I am really getting into this Freebie spirit and since I love to craft, I have come across some great sites that offer free downloads and the like. So I thought I should pass on the love and let you all in on some great places to get some downloads to add to your crafty stash. These downloads you can store on your puters and just need a colour printer to make them pretty! In the spirit of craft freebies, while you do get them for free the unspoken law on this type of thing is you don't reproduce them as your own or sell them as your own designs, which I am sure none of you will do!

I have mentioned paperglitter before here because I think her work is so absolutely bright, funky, and of course so irresistably cute. She always has something cute for free on her  free downloads SITE. Check out her cute valetine items, cupcake toppers and stationery, and so much more. 

You will also find some interesting vintage labels at this SITE and this SITE for free wrapping paper downloads. I also thought a cute candy/goodie box was cute on this SITE.

I hope you enjoy these freebies and do come again, I will do my best to pass on as many as I can. Happy Crafting:o)

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