Monday, January 17, 2011


I find this post kinda funny and rather twilight like. I shall explain. I was listening to 106.5FM today with Claire and the other guy(terrible but I can't think of his name right now) on my way home from the gym and they were talking about a time in their life when they felt really cool! The guy related an experience when he was about 15 or so when he was wearing sequent jacket at a dance. Kinda funny!
Claire's experience is of when she went to a club and her friend knew the DJ and they were waved up to go back stage to where the COOL people hang out! So of course she too felt COOL!! Had to have a laugh at that too!

As for me, I was thinking about this today and tried to think back when I thought I was truly cool! I remember when I was in high school feeling awkward about myself and not feeling part of the crowd because I didn't want to do drugs, smoke, or allow a boy to touch me inappropriately. So yeah, I felt a little awkward, but still didn't want to challenge my standards. I did feel cool the day we had to do Public Speeches. I had my class rolling around the floor in laughter and I got a perfect score from my teacher and I was pretty much the talk of the grade. I then felt the pressure in subsequent years to beat myself in humour and shock performances, which I did successfully each year. Even the COOL kids thought I was COOL! I got over my awkwardness not long after the success of my first speech and while I didn't always feel COOL, because Highschool is such a pain in the butt and the bully was still the bully, even though she thought you were ok that day, she would still hate you tomorrow for now particular reason! It gave me the confidence I needed to show people who I really was, even though I would not give in to the peer pressures around me.

Well, that kinda got a little serious all of a sudden, didn't it? To chill us out a bit, here are some funny pics I came across when I was checking out CRAZYTOWNMAYOR's blog. The twilight experience occurred because of the radio show talking about COOLNESS and then I came these funny picks on her blog about being too COOL!!

So how COOL are you??

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