Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I stumbled upon a new site called, SPREETS. To be honest with you, I thought, here we go, another company tryng their best here in Australia to give discounts. I have been with companies like this before and most of the discounts and offers have been lame or are in weird locations, or limited time frames. However, this site and a few others are actually quite good. I came across todays special which was a 4 course Dinner for 2 at Red Thai Spoon in Top Ryde and then 2 free tickets to Event Cinemas for $60. I have eaten at Red Spoon at Castle Hill and absolutely loved it. But what a price $60 for dinner and a movie?  Since I want to make this year, a year of actually watching movies, I figured it was very fitting. The time frame is also reasonable, from 14/1/11 to 14/4/11. I have purchased mine, so check it out and sign up, there have been some great deals to be had!

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