Friday, March 25, 2011

Mr Nudie, you got it soooo wrong!!!

I hope my title got your attention!!! It was definantly intentional! I have been going to Fitness First since December last year and I have been thoroughly enjoying it, but that is not why I mention this. I have quickly realised that since I have been going, a lot of revenue must be generated from advertising through the gyms via the TVs installed left right and centre! They are everywhere! I wish I did not admit this, but they are doing a good job at it because one thing they have been pushing in a big way is Nudie Coconut Water. It wasn't the tropcial scenery or the brazilian male who talks about how great the coconut water or is, or even the dietitan who advises us of the health benefits of the water. It was the fact that I truly love coconut and I thought to myself, wow, water infused with the taste of coconuts, how refreshling amazing would that be? So hook line and sinker, I got sucked in!! One might think with the reviews I have done lately that I would have got a free sample to try, but no. I paid $2.99 at Coles to give it a try. So what is my review? Well lets see, like I said, it sounded amazing and it looks yummy in the bottle but I tell no lie, the taste of this juice is what I would say would be like the sweaty socks of a bricky who has been wearing them all day long in the steaming hot sun and then come home slipped the dirty socks into some icy cold water mixed them around like a witches brew and strained the liquid into bottles and offered it up to the nearest victom who would be willing to try it!{breath}
This stuff is super gross and there was no way in hell I was going to finish the bottle. After my first sip I thought maybe it was an acquired taste and each sip would get better? Nope, totally gross everytime you drink it and in my opinion it truly needs to be recalled ASAP! If you have an enemy or would love to play a practical joke on someone, then Nudie Coconut Water is your weapon. This is definately not coconut infused water, its the actual water of the coconut. Don't be a sucker like me, save that $2.99 and when you get your next pay add an extra 66c and buy yourself a Diet Coke! So that's right, Mr Nudie, you got it soooo wrong!!
PS. If you ever think of looking up Nudie Coconut Water in Google Images be prepared! You may have an unpleasant encounter like mine of an nudie bathing in what I assume is coconut water??


Danielle said...

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Nancy said...

Great post!

I'm a new follower from the blog hop!
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Felicity said...

hahaha your description of what the coconut water tasted like had me laughing (even if it was gross :) I'm glad you did the review cause I would be likely to try something like this! Now I'll know to stay away :)


TriGirl said...

Stopping by from Boost My Blog.

That. Sounds. Nasty.

Your next post with your Etsy merch is cool--you have really nice stuff!

Have a great day! (I would say Friday since it's Friday morning here, but I think it's about over for you!)

Mizz Q said...

Oh my goodness! I thought I was the only one who felt this way. While shopping at a Sydney Aldi store hubby and I had been reading about the benefits of coconut we saw the 'Nudie' and decided to give it a try! Bleerrrghh was like drinking dirty dishwasher water Mann that stuff was foul! Any suggestions on better tasting varieties? Otherwise what's with all the hype?

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