Saturday, March 5, 2011


I so badly want to see this movie, but I haven't had the time yet, that sounds so bad I am sure!!! My hubby and boys went yesterday as I had to be else where, and they said it was fantastic! I have free tickets, so I have to use them and see the movie and do a darn good review but until then, I don't want to hold back others the opportunity to see it, so here  is the trailer and the details to enter my movie ticket giveaway will follow.

I have 2 passes to give away and each pass is for two tickets. The tickets can be presented at a range of cinemas but please note that you may have to pay for your 3D glasses. Here are the details of entry to the giveaway.

1.Winner will be picked via and as there are 2 passes, the winner of the first pass will not be included in the second draw for the second pass.
2. Please leave a comment about what you would call your garden gnome if you had(or if you have one) one.  If you don't have a profile page or linked blog, website etc. please leave me a way to be in touch with you should you be the winner.  Make sure you Follow me if you don't already:)
3. If leaving a comment freaks you out, please e-mail me at cascadebeads(at)hotmail(dot)com.
3. One entry per person.
4. You are welcome to blog or tweet about this giveaway but I won't be awarding extra entries.
5. Giveway closes next Sunday 10pm.
6. Anyone Australia wide can enter this giveaway.

I'm so excited about this giveway because its so totally awesome!!! Good Luck to all!


Amy said...

My son continually giggles through this movie preview, I'd love to take him to it.

We don't have any garden knomes, but we do have a giant, wooden carved head that sits in our garden. It's name is Igor and my father in law carved it years ago. My husband was terrified of it as a child and spent years having nightmares that Igor was going to get him. He now lives in our garden, my husband hopes that one day our son will be just as terrified as he was (*rolls eyes*)!

jaredandtammie said...

We don't have a gnome either but after the movie I'm sure they went up in popularity!! If we did have one, Milly says we'd call him Ralph and we'd stick him under our lemon tree.

mjelly said...

I don't have a gnome, but I do have a banjo playing frog. I call him "Stalkie" because I can see his eyes watching me when I do the dishes at night.

Tara @ Our Whirlwind Adventures said...

We have one gnome.
He lives with Jack & Decapitated Jill [whose head was broken off and lived in her carry basket].
Our gnome got the classy name "Gnome Nuts". That was courtesy of me, and an attempt to be hilarious.

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