Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Back up Meals: Dr Oetker Mozzarella Pizza

I first purchased this pizza when it was on special at COLES last year. It was reduced to $4 from $6.79. Being the bargain queen I am, I thought I would give it a go. I tried the mozzarella, funghi(mushroom) and spinach ones.

The Funghi pizza was a little too moist/juicy and didn't have a lot of taste. The spinach one wasn't too bad, but only I liked it. The big winner with the kids was the mozzarella one.  The second time they were on special, they were about the same price and I tried the 4 cheese one. This wasn't too bad. It was a little weird to see little dollops of what I can only describe as looking like cheese spread with maybe herbs in it. But its more like the processed cheese spread than something like Philly spread. We decided the best variety is mozzarella. There are large mozzarella circles with grated cheese, pieces of tomato and dollops of herb pesto. There is also a distinct flavour of garlic, but its not overpowering.  What you see on the packaging/box is what it looks like. It only takes about 10 mins max in my fan forced gas oven. Don't get me wrong here, its not the best pizza on earth but I much prefer it to the other frozen pizzas at the supermarket and with no greasy proccessed meat, its a much healthier option.  I purchased the pizzas again last week on special at COLES for $3.49.  To my knowledge they are only available at COLES supermarkets. I am yet to see them at Woolworths. My recommendation is to keep an eye out for them but try them when they go on special, which seems to be fairly often. They make a great back up meal. Dr Oetker pizzas are a product of Germany.


dave said...

Dr Oetker Pizzas generally are so full of fat...avoid unless you want to end up a bloater

FoodMuster said...

Interesting Dave, I didn't know they have heaps of fat. I was under the impression that they are lower in fat than a regular pizza. The base is thin and the toppings aren't heavy. Thanks for your comment.

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