Monday, May 16, 2011

Lovers of Cadbury Chocolate MUST read this!

Dear lovers of Cadbury chocolate! I have been doing chocolate orders for around 18months now for family and friends and everyone who purchases from me are happy! I am doing it again, so I thought if you live in Sydney area and love Cadbury then you will love me! I can get Cadbury dairy milk and dark old gold chocolate buttons for $9.50/kg. It is the same chocolate you purchase as blocks in the supermarket, but for far less. I also sell couverture white chocolate which is made by Nestle (I am told its the best for melting and making ganache etc.) for $13/kg. I live in Lalor Park in Sydney's west and pick is usually from my house. I would be happy to discuss  arrangments for a half-way meeting spot for those who live further away. If you live interstate, I am happy to post to you.  Please leave me a comment if you are interested, or contact me through my e-mail on my blogger profile.

This isn't a business, its something I started because I do a lot of baking. I was so annoyed when Cadbury put up their prices for their blocks and ticked at the little choice we have in this area at the supermarkets. So I decided to research into making wholesale purchases and got my friends and family behind me. I purchase the chocolate, I weigh and bag it all myself. I do charge a small fee for this, which is included in the price.

So hands up who is interested? Hands down, now comment or message me!!

1 comment:

mery said...

Hi there, do you still sell the Nestle White Chocolate couverture? How do I get in contact with you? Many thanks

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