Monday, May 2, 2011

What to expect at COSTCO

I have have recently checked the Costco website for an update when the store will be opening. The scheduled opening is for JULY this year!! So excited, its finally happening. It is going to make my life a lot easier and I can't wait to stock up when it comes. For those of you who are completely new to COSTCO or at least aren't sure what kind of good you can get there, I have taken a couple of pictures of items that I purchase when I visit the Melbourne store when I am there. When I am there, I usually only choose items that I can take home easily with me. So I can't choose the enormous pizzas, or gorgeous dips, or deliciously deli style yoghurt that actally comes in 1kg tubs!! Yes you heard me right, 1Kg not 720g or or 800g, its actually by the kilo! There is also a colourful array of ice creams - tubs, bars, on stick etc etc. I could go on and on, and in fact I will, but I will show and share a little bit each week of what I like about Costco.

I like to bake a treat for my kids to eat for little lunch, or recess(whatever you want to call it!) but its not always easy for me to do that. So I don't mind giving them some kind of packaged treat or food if the price is right. Usually I will purchase something on special or if I get an opportunity to buy something decent in bulk I will. So naturally, when I am at Costco I go bananas for Fruit Nuggets! In the supermarkets, ie Coles or Woolies they cost $3.99 for a box of 7 packets ( 57c/packet). I don't pay this for them, I usually wait till they go on special for $2.99( 42c/packet) and get a couple of boxes, but this doesn't happen very often. However, I discovered them at Costco for a box of 48 packets, it only cost $9.99( 20c/packet). My last purchase I got them on special for $7.99(17c/packet) and I think I got about 3 boxes of them. What are they you are asking? They are little pieces of chewy candy like pips - thats the best description I can come up with! They are hard to describe, but the kids love them and they are fruit based (predominantly pear). They are small packets, kinda like IXL Naughts and Crosses. As I said, you can find them in Coles or Woolies where the museli bars and Roll-ups are, check them out next time you shop and see what you think and keep them in mind when you shop at Costco.

The box at costco contains all of the above flavours. At the supermarkets you can only purchase one flavour in a box.

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Kim said...

I miss Costco SO much, I can't wait til July! I'm really anxious to see if Australian Costcos will carry any of the same items that American Costcos do. Thanks for the update!

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