Thursday, May 5, 2011

Freeze dried fruit anyone? Costco has it covered!!

I am totally in love with the concept of freeze dried fruit! Its such an awesome phenomanon. Its a process by which the fruit has all its moisture freeze dried out of it so all that is left is a crunchy whole fruit that tastes the same and has all nutrients intact. I would love to purchase this in bulk, but I am yet to find the best way to do it. If you live in Australia and are interested, let me know and maybe as a larger group we can purchase in bulk. Anyway, in smaller quanities you can purchase freeze dried fruit. Some of you may have seen it in cole or Woolies in the dried fruit isle. The packets look like this:
Individual packets I believe retailed for about $1.75 each or so. The last time I checked for these they were clearing them out at Woolies, so its possible they are not on the shelves anymore. However, the last time I was at Costco in Melbourne I purchased a box of 24. The box contained 12 of each of the above varieties. I can't remember unfortunately the price, but I think they worked out to be about $20 or so for the box. Its a great snack for school lunches. Its real fruit, nothing added and can be kept in the cupboard long term. If you end up crushing the fruit, you get a great powder that can be added to smoothies or custard.

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