Thursday, May 5, 2011

Deep Filled Apple Pie and Melting Middle Cookies - Coles brand

At coles last week there was a 1/2 price sale on their new dessert lines. So I thought I would give the Melting Middle cookies and Apple and Caramel deep dish pie a go.  The cookies were down to $3 for the two and the pie was too.

The cookies were delishus!! Very rich and I would say you could easily share 1 between 2 or if you are having them for a family dessert give your kids half . The varieties are  chocolate chip with a chocolate melting centre and my favourite, chocolate mud cookie with a vanilla cream centre. The centre tastes more like a marshmallow cream than anything else and is sweet!

The Deep Filled Apple and Caramel Lattice pie looks great out of the box, so was very promising. The box says serves 4 but these would be rather small serves, which may not bother some. I would say serves 3 would be better and between 2 would be large serves. The pie was also priced at $3.

There are lovely big chunks of apple and it definately tastes caramelly, perhaps a little sweet, but not too offensive. I still wanted to eat up my portion! Great with ice cream and I would say cream or custard would work well too!

I would recommend you give them a try especially since its winter! The 1/2 price made it easier for me to make the choice to give them a go and, of course, I purchased a couple of each for my food storage. I would purchase them at full price if I had a special occasion to take them to.

Disclaimer: I purchased these products with my own money and therefore have done this review with an unbiased opinion.

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