Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I'm the BEST Mum Ever!!! My daughter's 10th Birthday Party!

My daughter turned 10 earlier this month and being the kinda organised mum that I am,( sound confident don't I? ) I asked her a couple of months ago what she wanted for her birthday. All she wanted was a birthday party. Her last party was about 4 years ago, so I can understand why she was wanting another. She didn't want any presents from us, just the party. Which, to me, I thought was a good present to ask for! So we went about thinking about themes. After about changing her mind at least 5 times, she settled on a 70's Disco theme. Straightaway, I thought rainbow colours!! So I went about searching the net for ideas. I came across a great site, This lady is super talented and she specialises in dessert tables for parties, weddings, and other functions. She is has done dessert tables for the rich and famous including Oprah as one of her A-List clients. If you check out her 'eye candy' you will see some amazing master pieces. So from this, I decided I must have a dessert table. One of the main features of the dessert table are the candy/lolly jars! I'm a lover of lollies and I have always been! My in-laws call me the 'Lolly Queen' and its a title I am proud of!! So old fashioned style lolly jars were on my list and what type of candy/lollies was I going to choose and where would get them from?

My internet travels took me to the home of , THE PROFESSORS TECHNOLOGY. These guys are the answer to any lolly lover's dream but they also stock a range of interesting and unique lollies that I personally have not seen anywhere else. The team there are very helpful and very quick to respond to e-mails and were happy to help me with some great items for my eye candy jars!!  I also discovered chocolate covered popping candy. I have never heard of this before. I used the popping candy to cover my cake pops which made them not only look great, but delivered a sensational surprise to anyone who bit into the cake pops!

So thanks to The Professors, I had the lollies covered. Now I had to think of decorations. Some may not feel decorations matter, but personally, I think decorations deliever a sense of wonderment when done properly! It can make or break a mood. I went to a friends birthday party and saw these amazing pom poms made from tissue paper. I didn't get a chance to ask where they got them or if they had made them. So I searched youtube for a tutorial on tissue paper pom poms and I came up with a couple of good videos which were my saving grace. These pom poms are so cheap and so easy to make, but best of all they look so great and really give that festive feeling when you walk into the room. My daughter also had fun helping make the pom poms. We also used rainbow ribbon and some pom pom yarn that I found at the Reject Shop(variety discount store) for $2 each. I picked up some cute cardstock and cut out I had some pink and white bakers twine to make up a garland. I also purchased some hand dyed vintage doilies last year some time, from a seller that nolong sells on Etsy anymore, so I can't give you a link. I stuck them on the wall as they are vintage/retro!! My decorations were simple but, if I do say so myself, look great and everyone that came through the front door commented! See for yourselves:

Sorry, pictures aren't the best because the day was pretty glum and overcast:(

We had the invitees come dressed up 70's style and they all went to a lot of effort to do so! We borrowed some flashing lights and a smoke machine from a friend that does discos and the girls loved it! While they didn't care of too many 70's songs, they enjoyed the atmosphere and danced around and had fun. Other than dancing we played one party game, pass-the-parcel, because it seems even at 10 years old its a fun game. To do something a little different though, I showed the girls how to make button flowers, using buttons from my vintage collection (to carry the 70's theme!) and then they were able to make there own. They loved it and it took up a big chunk of the time. I also bought different bright coloured nail polish but the button flowers proved more popular. The button flowers were their party favours to take home, and I suppose a little craft activity that they can pursue at home.  I will post a tutorial on how to make them in the future.

So what did I serve on the dessert table? Well other than the lollies in the lolly jars. I decided on marhsmallows dipped in white chocolate and covered in sprinkles, cake pops, fortune cookies dipped in coloured white chocolate, and cake bombs( I will post recipe and explanation soon). As for the savouries, sausage rolls, honey soy chicken drummies, mini spring rolls and pastizzies. I kept it simple and I have learnt from hosting other parties in the past, that most kids don't eat that much as parties. At the end of the party each child was allowed to fill their treat box with lollies from the lolly jars. We had rainbow:
Sour War Heads
Red Liquorice and Solar Seeds(chocolate covered sunflower seeds with a candy shell)
Jelly beans.
Jolly Rancher Lollipops

You maybe able to see the stickers on some of the jars. I want to mention these because they are so cute! I discovered a fellow Aussie, JoeyDesgins on Etsy. I loved the cute little stickers Danielle designs but because I was having a rainbow 70's theme party I asked if she could design some rainbows and perhaps some peace signs. She was so good about it and came up with the cute rainbows and peace signs with no hassles at all. Be sure to check her out, her turtles and jellybeans are so cute! I also gave the girls some stickers in their treat boxes. I will be showcasing her work in a post soon with a giveaway, so stay tuned!!

 Keeping with the groovy 70's rainbow theme, I had to make a rainbow cake! I came across some of these during my interent searches. I will break down what I did to make it in a seperate post, but I had so much fun making it and the finished product looked so good! The key to the cake and its vivid colours, is to use lots of food colouring!!!
It was a fun day and I had a lot of fun organising it! So I am I the BEST mum ever??


Felicity said...

You are the best mum ever :) I am a huge Amy Atlas fan and if I had unlimited time and resources....I would be a party styler :) Everything looks so great (and YUM!!) I bet Claire LOVED it!!!!!


ps) where did you get your lolly jars? I looked almost EVERYWHERE to find some for Jazzys birthday a few months ago and couldn't find them anywhere......

Charne said...

You must have spent HOURS organising that all. well done mum!!! :) :)

Jerusha said...

Great job Courtney! It looks like you had a great party.

N.A.D.I.A said...

Great job! I love pom poms! Easiest things ever and I love love love Amy Atlas - I just don't have the time to do....or the patience....or is it that I'm just so darn lazy! ;) Well done!

Dorothy said...

OMG! You're hired for my next kid birthday! Love everything you've done, but would never have the patience to do it all myself... Well done!

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