Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Mom Bloggers Club GLOBAL Brigage of Women Support #ONEMOMS

What is this all about? I am a member of mombloggersclub(see my badge to the right), which I came across via a Friday Blog Hop. I thought this would be an interesting place to learn and grow as a blogger. I recently got an e-mail from Jennifer James, explaining a project that she has become a part of. Herself and 8 other mums(moms) have been selected by,  to take a trip to Kenya and discover the stories of the women who live there. How exciting! What a great opportunity! I love this kind of project. I love watching documentaries about people who visit other countries, and in particular countries that are so different to our own. Different not only in language and culture, but different to the extent that they have no idea what a lot of things are that we take for granted everyday. These women who have an amazing adventure before them and will discover a different world around them and within them.

I am so happy that I have been selected to share their stories and experiences, so stay tuned. I may also post on my mumblog, too, as it is a mum blog afterall!  Take a look at the link and grab the button if you want to share the experience and message!

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