Sunday, June 19, 2011

Slow Cooker: Moroccan Curry - tastes better than it looks!

Yes, I know what it looks like! I'm not going to be offended because I too think it looks like a cow pattie! Even my daughter said it looked like one, but if you can get past that, the taste is absolutely out of this world sensational.  I love, love, love my slow cooker! Its the best thing I have in my kitchen at the moment and all I want to make every day is something in my beloved slow cooker. A perfect piece of advise I want to share to those getting married, ask for a slower cooker! If you are trying to cut down on your food bills, but still want to make great food, buy a slow cooker! If you want to make yummy food, and freeze left overs, buy a slow cooker!! Truly, I believe so deeply in the wealth of a slow cooker, it is amazing. The bestest part is putting all the ingredients in and then walking away. Its that awesome! I have heaps of recipes that I have made in my slow cooker, so stay tuned! Anyway, before you think I am totally off the planet, I will explain my latest creation.

This Moroccan curry is by know means authentic. I haven't eaten lots of traditional Moroccan foods, but what I have tasted I have loved. A couple of months back when I was shopping at Parklea Markets, I happened across a spice stall. Its smelt divine, so much so I wished I could capture the aroma and take it home! I enquired about a few spice blends and what would be good on a roast chicken. I purchased the chicken blend, but I was recommended the Moroccan blend and after smelling and tasting I was hooked! I have made a baked chicken and rice dish, that my kids loved and I will post soon. Actually that was such a hit I made it a couple of times. I have also rubbed it on a roasting chicken and slow cooked the chicken. I also used the juices for a traditional gravy that tasted so delish with the Moroccan flavours, very different. The recipe I will share this time is the curry.

 My son loves butter chicken and he kept asking me to make some or a curry. I was a little shocked at the curry request because he is such a fussy eater and to hear him ask for curry was a request too good to refuse. At the time I wasn't sure what I should put in it because I didn't want anything spicy or even medium heat and my curry powder is too spicy. So I decided to use the Moroccan spice( at least 3 heaped tablespoons),  a can of coconut milk, a can of coconut cream, and some split peas. The split peas had been in my cupboard for a while as part of my food storage and I wanted to see what they would be like, so in they went. I had some gravy beef, so in that went into the slow cooker with about a cup of water. By evening I had a house full of Moroccan aromas and a very hungry family. The curry went down a treat. The split peas bulked up the dish but didn't offend anyone. Add some rice and you are the best mum in the world!!

Pantry Ingredients
Split peas - 1 packet
Coconut Milk Light - a tin
coconut cream Light - a tin
Moroccan Spice - I will have to find out the name of the company where I got mine, but I would say any brand would be fine.
Basmati rice
Gravy beef - can be kept in the freezer

Also note that the meal was good for 2 adults and 4 kids.

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