Monday, June 20, 2011

Winners for the Food and Wine Show Tickets are.....

Thanks to everyone who posted a comment, liked my FoodMuster page, or sent me an e-mail to enter the giveaway. I wish I had enough tickets for everyone, but alas, I'm not that big - yet!!! So here are the lucky winners drawn using


Please contact me, or leave me a comment to say you can accept the ticket and I will be in touch. If no contact is made by 10pm Wednesday 22nd June, I will redraw and another winner will be contacted. Thanks again everyone. I will be doing another giveaway soon and it will be a craft one. I will be introducing an awesome crafter/artist to you all.


Felicity said...

arrrggg I came on here to enter tonight and realised I missed it :) Congrats to you lucky girls!!

Tanya said...

AUUUUGGGHHH.. wed... aauuuggghhh.. I'm here Courtney.. am I still eligible... I forgot to check this week.... can I please still have my ticket, can I, can I, can I.. huh, huh, huh!!

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