Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Dodged Another McDonalds bullet tonight with this....

So I was seriously thinking an easy meal was install for tonight. I had work today, went to gym and had to get kids off to Achievement Night at 6:45pm, so something had to give. I really didn't want to get McDonalds, if I did it would just be for the kids anyway. I think I have grown out of McDonalds, I felt sick the last couple of times I have eaten it, so I try to steer clear of it, which is a food thing of course. Anyway, I had made the decision and as I was finishing at the gym, I felt like Mexican. I love Mexican!! The first thought was to make nachos but by the time I got home I realised I had my trusty food storage ingredients and could whip up something even better, quesadillas!

I used a breast of chicken in the fridge,a tin of corn, a tin of red kidney beans, salsa, and burrito bread. I have to say here, that burrito bread is very versatile and can live in your pantry for up to 12months and still taste good. I purchased mine about 3months ago on special, so it was now coming in handy!

What do you do?

1. Diced the chicken into small pieces. Heated a frying pan over medium heat and added some oil.

2. To the oil I added a ground cumin and ground paprika and stirred that through the oil for about a minute then added the chicken.

3. Rinse the kidney beans and corn in a colander or sieve under cold running water until bubble disappear and water runs clear.

4. As the chicken is cooking, if some pieces can be broken down further, do so.

5. Add the kidney beans and corn and stir through and lower heat.

6. Take off heat and allow to cool slightly.

7. Put burrito bread in microwave as per instructions on packet or oven, whichever you prefer.

8. Using a foccacia or flat sandwich press, place one piece of bread down and top with chicken mixture.

Add grated cheese if you like and put another piece of burrito bread on top and lower sandwich/foccacia  press.

9. Cook until golden brown and cheese melted.

10. Serve with sour cream, salsa or my mexican aioli dip.

The story behind the Aioli.

I made some homemade Aioli on Sunday as I had some left over egg yolks. It is the first time I have ever done it and I was so proud of my creation, its tastes do yum!  For this meal, I didn't feel like sour cream but I did want to have something with the Quesadilla. I saw the aioli in the fridge and wanted to use it some how. By itself, it wasn't too bad, but it needed to be Mexicanised!!

When I was last in Melbourne, I finally went to a grocery store my sister-in-law had been telling me about for a while. Leo's Fine Food and Wine store in Kew. Its like a regular supermarket, but with a twist! It has an array of foods one would only find at range of delicatessens or speciality food stores. Its a amazing, to me, better than Costco - Woh! That's saying something!!! Amongst other amazing items, I came across a brand I have not seen much at mainstream supermarkets for a while, and I have missed. Byron Bay Chilli Co. I purchased a bottle of the green jalapeno sauce with coriander.

It sounded delish and too good to refuse. As we were flying home, I was limited to how much I could take home with me, so this made the cut and we also bought some exquisite nougat that was so smooth, not chewy or crunchy, just right. Unfortunately after about 10 minutes of leaving the store the nougat was devoured!! It was that good!!

 Back to the the recipe. I just added the Green Jalapeno sauce to the aioli and I made an amazing dipping sauce that was just what the quesadilla needed. I am a genius!!!

Pantry Ingredients

Kidney beans
Burrito bread
ground cumin
ground paprika
Byron Bay Chilli sauce (optional!!)


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Anonymous said...

You are making me so hungry! I love Mexican and that looks delicious.

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