Saturday, July 30, 2011

Raise Money for your school through SCHOOLBUY

A good friend of ours and his brother has come up with an idea that I think is quite brillant. SchoolBuy is a new website that sends a percentage of your purchase as a donation to the school of your choice. You can purchase a range of goods from Ipads from Apple and photos from Snapfish to Croc Shoes and Roses from Roses Only. Its really an awesome idea and a great way to support your school or a school in need. The reason why I keep mentioning a school in need is because there are a lot of schools out in lower economic areas who could really do with some donations. If  you don't have children or your kids/grandkids go to a large school and has a really great P&C or Social Club Comittee then you might consider donating some of your purchases to schools in lower economic areas or even Schools for Specific Purposes - Special Education.  I am a school teacher and I work in a SSP school (schools for specific purposes) and we are a small school with students from all different financial backgrounds some extra funds our way would always be appreciated. However there a many SSP schools that would also love your donations, so keep this in mind when you are nominating a school.

 SchoolBuy is partnered with over 300+ outlline stores and there are literally millions of products to choose from. Basically when you think of buying something online, head over to SchoolBuy. Every purchase you make will generate a donation. So don't just buy it, SchoolBuy it!

SchoolBuy - Millions of Products!

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