Saturday, March 17, 2012

What's in season?

Hi all, just a quick post tonight. Have you ever seen a recipe and thought,"Ooo! I so want to make that", then realised at the fruit market or supermarket that the fresh produce is not in season and either not available or ridiculously expensive because its has been imported from a faraway place? Well, I just thought about this and decided to google it and came across a link via Woolworths, for those of us who live in NSW. Basically, you can use this link to find out what's in season and the plan your meals accordingly, and also check out the recipes you have patiently waiting for you on Pinterest or the like! I hope you find this helpful:)


PS. The link will show what's good for March, but once your at the site, you can search for whatever month you want, if you want to plan ahead!!

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