Tuesday, April 3, 2012

HotMix Pro Part 3

I just wanted to let you all know, that I am still working on my part 3 installment and hope to get some recipes up soon. I will be on a well deserved trip away with my family for Easter and upon my return, since its school holidays, I will have some free time. This time will allow me to get some recipes up for you all to see the versatility of what the HMP can do. If you are familar with the Thermomix TM 31, you can pretty much make the same recipes in the HMP, with a few tweeks. So if you aren't sure what the HMP is capable of and if you are wanting to know what kind of recipe books are available, at this stage the HMP website is your best resource to get you started. You can by all means use the Thermomix recipe books to give you an idea on what else you can achieve once you get used to using the HMP but you can also incorporate your own recipes aswell, which is what I like to do. To tempt you into returning, the recipes that I will post will include my version of Tex Mex Chicken salad, risotto, vege quinoa salad, spaghetti bol - that is full of veges and your kids will never know! For the sweet tooth I will post macarons, custard, sugared almonds, honey comb, and caramel popcorn, to name but a few. They won't come out all in the one post, I will add recipes a little bit at time. Thanks to all who read my reviews and I hope these recipes will give you more reasons to consider the HMP Easy or Gastro.

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Scott Cavanagh said...

Interesting thoughts. I had the chance to use a hotmix pro machine for the first time last week whilst preparing for La Dolce Italia. In my experience using basic functions it mixes and grinds better then the thermomix and being designed for commercial kitchens with hard wearing components is a major plus. I would be very interested to see a comparison on energy consumption, given that the motor is triple the size- how much more power does it use?

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