Sunday, June 10, 2012

Do you Polyvore?

Summer Fun

Summer Fun by courtney-wilson-1 featuring ruched tops
I came across a great site via my other number one website, Pinterest. Polyvore is a great site that is what I can best describe as a fashion scrapbooking/collage extravaganza and can quickly become addictive, whether you are creating or searching. The thing I like best is you can also check out and create collages for plus sizes, so its not just for the skinny minnies!!

While you are creating your collages, you can choose from a range of clothing items, jewelry, shoes, bags, beauty etc. Everything that you choose will have a link to where it can be purchased, or at least the source. Sometimes, items are no longer for sale, but if you are keen on a particular item you can always ebay it and try your luck there.

If you need some inspiration you can see some of my pins on my "My Style" Pinterest pinboard or just check some out on the Polyvore website. Its lots of fun and something you could do with your daughter/s.

I have also found this site a great resource for online clothing stores, especially ones that will ship to Australia. Whether coincidence or not, since the rise of the Aussie dollar, many more online stores based overseas are extending their shipping to us, FINALLY!!! This widens our variety which can be rather slim for some of us with odd shaped bodies! Unfortunately for me, I always tend to pick the most expensive items;( Why do I have such expensive taste??

I hope yo like my Polyvore collage, or set as its called and venture over to Polyvore to have some fun!

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Grace said...

Okay, after reading your post I went and had a peak at the Polyvore site...Oh dear, I think I'm going to get very addicted!! Love your collage...especially the bling on that ring :)

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