Sunday, June 10, 2012

Meandering Monday Blog Hop

So are you sitting around trying to work out how to not do what you should be doing? Well here is a good way to keep you busy doing something we could call 'research', so that you can justify why you aren't doing what you should be! You never know, you could find a good recipe for dinner, some mummy advice you needed, a great craft project to at least start, some kids crafts you should consider, some Ipad apps you should really buy, or a way to save money, or a home organisation method you never thought of before! My Meandering Monday Blog Hop is a way for bloggers to link up a blog post that you would like to share. It can be themed anything. I am not good with rules, but I do have to have some, only a few!

1. This is a family friendly blog and so I will only accept family friendly material and please no posts with swearing.

  2. A Google Friend follow, tweet, and or facebook share of the blog hop would be appreciated.

  3. Link up will run for a fortnight and linky will close Sunday 24th June. I will start new link ups each fortnight, hopefully!!

4. As for the badge, I will work that out someday, or maybe one of you can link up a blog post on how to make one!

Have fun, and I hope you find something interesting and please comment and follow at least a few new blogs.


Veronica Lee said...

Already a follower on GFC.

Happy Monday!

Crissy said...

Hi, thank you for the hop! Now on board :)

Bin said...

Thanks for having me. What a great idea!

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