Thursday, July 19, 2012

Ipad App Reviews for Home, Mainstream and Special Needs Education: Bugs and Buttons and Miss Spider's Tea Party

I came across Bugs and Buttons by Little Bit Studio, via another review, which I can't remember where from, sorry, I should write my sources down so I can pass on the credit where its due. Anyway, many people know about this app and I am very happy to have paid $2.99USD. This is such a gorgeous app and the pictures are life like and the music is entertaining. If you have a child who is keen on bugs and/or buttons (or likes craft and making things) this will be a great app to add to your collection. For the teacher, this is a great addition to your Mini Beasts unit of work and can coincide with other ares of your program.

The app covers many facets of the curriculum for young children, however, you can get addicted even as an adult! My kids often complain, " Its my turn mum" or " its for kids not mums"! Bugs and buttons provides the following activities. I have put an explanation for some of the activities.

Bees-Eye - a sling shot game where you have to aim the bee at the flower to score points (a good starter for Angry Birds!!)

Patterns - matching buttons to follow a pattern

Counting- count how many bees there are by choosing the right number


Catch'em - touch as many ants as you can

Button Sorting

Factory sorting

Apple Picking - put the apples in the basket as they appear/grow on the tree, watch out for the bees!

Connect dots

Button Truck


Firefly Sky - this is a cute game. You have to get the right coloured glowing fireflies and put them in the jar. The jar says the colour, but there is also a verbal prompt

Roach Racing

Pinch and Grab - you have to use your fingers to pinch the insect and put it in the right jar. You are also given garbage and recycled items to put in the appropriate bins/containers.

Butterfly Valley

Find - it!


That is a complete list of all 18 activities available. So when you consider the $2.99USD price tag, it really is a good deal. My boys love this app, especially the younger two. Although my 11 year old daughter has been know to spend some time sorting buttons and catching colourful fireflies!

I love apps that are not only educational but also entertaining. I love the apps that my kids will find mystifying and will sit for an good hour or two enjoying themselves without knowing or thinking they are learning something as well.  The next two apps I want to share that are on my Ipad are two Miss Spider books.

I have Bedtime Story and Miss Spider's Tea Party by David Kirk. 

Callaway Digital Arts have done a magnificent job with these digital books.  You can choose to read the book, have it read to you or you can watch it like a video. My kids almost always choose to watch it and its usually requested for bedtime.  The video option or the read to option is good for children with vision impairments. You also have three fun activities to choose from. You can play match, paint, or do a puzzle.  I can't recommend these books enough! The pictures, the music, the voices, are all so warm and inviting and you will want to watch it at least two times!  The apps are FREE ( I have just checked now to confirm that they are currently still free) and they are available in French, German, Spanish, Italian, and Japanese.

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