Monday, July 23, 2012

Meandering Monday Blog Hop: Love Song Dedications

Have you ever called the love song dedication line and requested a song? I often listen to Richard Mercer (Sydney Radio) talking to people who call up and discuss their love life, or lack their of and either giggle or cringe at some of the discussions. Either way, everyone enjoys a good love song right? I do, but I have never called up. If however, I did decide one day that I would call up, the song I would request is, John Denver's Annie's Song. I love this song. The words are just so beautiful and every time I listen to it I feel so grateful I have a man that I love in this same way.....awww, I am getting all sentimental!!!
Anyway, enough of that stuff, I will leave you with the youtube video of the song so you can decide for yourself.

As per usual, you can share any post of your choice, but maybe this week you can share a post of your own favourite love song or how you met your spouse or partner. Or maybe if you have written a post about some relationship advice. Either way I would love to hear from you.

Blog Hop Guidelines
1. Please share only family friendly material.
2. I will only accept links to an actual blog post, any website or spam-like links will be deleted.
3. I appreciate a follow, twitter follow, or Facebook follow, however this is not mandatory.
4. Please share the blog hop with others to grow the community and post my button on your side bar or at the end of your post.
5. Blog hop will close this Sunday as it will now run weekly. If you would be interested in co-hosting a blog hop, please leave a comment below.


1 comment:

Grace said...

I've always secretly wanted to call up Love Song Dedications..hehehe. I am so cheesy though, I have too many I'd want to request.
Annie's Song is absolutely beautiful, isn't it. So sad John Denver is no longer with us.

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