Monday, July 30, 2012

Meandering Monday Week long Blog hop: App Reviews

I have already done some reviews of my Ipad apps that I have currently on my Ipad. I really love my apps and I only add what I think is quality and the kids will use or I will use. One of the kid's favourite app at the present is ABC IView App.

ABC's(Australia) IView is available online as well as in app form. My 3 year old loves how he can access his favourite TV shows whenever he wants. His favourites include, Timmy Time, Rob the Robot, and Arthur.  My 11 year old loves Girls in Love, and my other boys love Action Heroes. We only use IView at home with the Ipad as we can access it using WI-FI which I think is the most cost effective way to use it, but it also means that the kids can watch their shows in their rooms and just before they go to bed. Its like having a portable TV and they love it! The IView app is also FREE to download.

What apps do you have and what do you recommend? I have co-incided this weeks blog hop with my latest review because I would really like to hear about what apps you have and if you also share apps on your blog posts. If not, again, there is no particular theme, just ideas on what posts share. You can share a post that is from your past or present.

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